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What part time jobs can I apply for that will not drug test upon hiring?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (792points) December 1st, 2010

I reside in California (I know company policy can vary from state to state?) and I do not do any hardcore drugs. I only smoke marijuana. In my defense for those who do not agree with the pro marihuana sentiment: I am not a “pot head” or anything of that nature. I smoke in my free time and do intellectual things (like write, paint, hold interesting dialogue, etc.) In fact, I am a very successful individual. I am currently looking for a part time job (I am thinking Starbucks, In-N-Out, etc.) while I finish up my post baccalaureate work. I am trying to find out where I can apply where I will not have to worry about drug testing.

Does anyone have any solid leads? I appreciate your answers!
-And please don’t suggest for me to stop smoking, because that probably won’t happen.

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A car wash.

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Family owned restaurants

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Anywhere in the Haight.

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Can you pet sit or walk dogs?

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Try a hotel as either front desk clerk or housekeeper.

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Pretty much any food service place in my experience. Anyway, you live in California! Do you really anticipate that many problems?

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I can’t tell you where to look, but I can tell you a couple to stay away from.

Stay away from jobs dealing with children.
Stay away from jobs in Health Care.
Stay awau from jobs in Law Enforcement

Those are probably the big three when it comes to testing.

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Well, I know even min. wage jobs drug test. Like, I know that Walmart out here (I would NEVER work there) but they drug test… even for part time min wage! Ugh, so I am a bit concerned about that.

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Go for the smaller businesses. Companies like Walmart, as mentioned by @Evelyn_475, can often put in place a ton of rules. An independent grocer can’t afford to test its staff and since you’ll probably be working directly with management, there’s more trust that you will do your job right.

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When I was in California, I got a job at Jamba Juice and an independent pizza place. Neither drug tested. Also, I had a roommate that worked at Whole Foods, and said they didn’t test him.

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your Starbucks idea is on the right track. Or Peets or another coffee type place.

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What a shame to base your aspired-for employment on such criteria. Septic tank cleaning would my suggestion.

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Small businesses. Any large corporation will drug test you.

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I’m in Oregon, but I know a few people who work for collection agencies that don’t get drug tested.

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@perspicacious – He’s looking for a part-time job, not a career. It’s not as if he’s basing his life on this criteria, and in any case, who are you to judge his choices?

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Also avoid, Home Depot, the branch I worked for (Imperial Beach, CA) tested.

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Small businesses, generally.
It is easier, I would think, to lay off the pot for a while.

@Hobbes A remarkably large proportion of Californians are actually quite conservative. It’s a blue state only because of gerrymandering. I was shocked, myself.

The point of drug tests, ladies and gentlemen, is to reduce the chances of employees turning up for work stoned (which is dangerous), or else not turning up at all (which is inconsiderate). They’re not doing it to be evil.

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If you’re just worried about the initial drug test, I’d suggest getting fake pee at a head shop. Most places don’t do random drug testing (at least not for a part-time job) since it’s too expensive. While they might retest you if there’s a reason to think you’re high, if you don’t show up to work stoned you will most likely never have to deal with that.

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Picking up aluminum cans.

Just about every employer is now requiring a drug screen for job applicants. its a safety factor and liability defense for companies. in other words, if you are hired and pass a drug test and go bonkers on the job, the company will say “you were clean, when hired”.

If you owned a company, knowing the drug situation in America, would you require a drug screen for your job applicants? i would. its just common sense to do so.

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@john65pennington It depends. Personally, I wouldn’t – I don’t have the money and I don’t think that just because you smoke some recreational pot you’ll be a bad employee. But really, I don’t have the money.

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@Nullo – Wow, I had no idea!

@papayalily – Out of curiosity, how expensive is it to introduce drug testing?

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@perspicacious: Am I really a “bad” person because I smoke a little pot in my off time, when I am not harming anyone else? I am a productive member of society; I graduated college with honors and held paid positions in student leadership all 4 years I was in school. I frown upon those who are so quick to stereotype. As mentioned, I am not lazy nor am I irresponsible and I would never smoke before I work a shift at said job. It is simply something I do in my FREE time.

@papayalily: That is definitely a good idea and many of my friends have done it, but I am to chicken to try to smuggle the fake pee and do all of that. I am a pansy when it comes to breaking rules, ironically.

@john65pennington: I totally agree with papayalily on this one. I do not feel that people who smoke pot recreationally or medically should be automatically lumped into the category of “bad employee” based on their marijuana habits. All of my friends and family who smoke are actually star performers in their occupations… I am talking about mathematicians, engineers, compliance officers, nurses, etc. (No, they do not show up to work after smoking, but they do smoke on a regular basis in their free time) Yes, there are those losers out there who happen to use marijuana and give all of us brilliant individuals bad reputations, but us responsible marijuana smokers shouldn’t be blamed for their actions.

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Drug screens are easy to pass especially drug screens for jobs. Probation drug test are a little harder to pass but it is possible with preparation. Go for the jobs with drug test. Private message me and I will tell you how to successfully substitute clean urine or how to dilute your own urine where your pot is undetectable. I got some tips just ask.

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Stay away from most industrial jobs (most but not all) and especially jobs involving construction, operating heavy equipment, facilties and industrial maintenance. Alot of them require hair folicle tests and then subject you to frequent random drug tests.

Outside of a lower paying convenience store clerk or fastfood place type job I can’t really think of too many more jobs that won’t drug test you. Find out what type of drug tests each place gives. Saliva tests are very easy to pass, they only go back about 12 hours from what I’m aware of. Urine tests are a little more difficult especially when it comes to weed. The more body fat you have the more difficult it is too get out of your system. There are ways to pass them with teas and cleansers and yes alot of them do work. If your not too overweight and you have around a week notice before taking the drug test then just staying away from the stuff for that week and drinking some water usually works as well.

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@Evelyn_475 And it’s important enough to you that you let it keep you from having real gainful employment. I’ve heard this so many times.

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@ perspicacious: Really? “Gainful” employment? I am looking for a part time job to make money while I finish my masters dregree (before I start my career). I would hardly call the job that I am looking for gainful. It is simply a means to an end, just to make some extra cash. And since you’ve, “heard it so many times” before I would hope that you’d be a bit more sympathetic when it comes to your attacking my lifestyle choice. Smoking doesn’t keep me from anything, rather it enriches my life.

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@perspicacious If most corporate employers decided that in order to be employed with them, you could not ever eat pasta, and they did testing for pasta, would you decide that those who still ate pasta clearly had a problem, or that there was possibly another way of looking at it?

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@papayalily You can’t come in to work high on pasta and kill somebody with a forklift.

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@Nullo Clearly, you’re smoking bad pasta.

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@Nullo No, but if you eat enough, you’ll gain weight, which will lead to obesity, which will make you more expensive to insure. Employers already discriminate based upon smoking and obesity because they don’t want to pay the higher premiums for health insurance.
There are tons of people who smoke only in their off time. And even more people who do nothing but sit in front of a computer all day – how are they going to kill someone with a forklift?

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@papayalily Ah, but we must eat to live. Inhaling marijuana fumes does not even approach the same level of necessity. Neither, I might add, is there a ‘moderate’ dose, as there is with pasta – the very purpose of pot-smoking is to experience the intoxicating effects.

A person doesn’t need to operate a forklift to mess up somebody else’s day by being high while on the job. It’s just that I work around lots of forklifts, and I trust that every one of them is alert and sober. Those things are scary, otherwise.

To the employer, especially in this economy, it is simply easier to find someone who will reliably not play with fire than it is to hire someone whose habits they don’t know who might show up stoned.

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@Nullo There’s definitely a moderate level of stoned. You might find it pointless, but there is. But perhaps change it to “drinks soda” from “eats pasta”. You really don’t need to drink soda. It’s bad for you long-term, and if you have too much, the sugar from it could make you too hyper to do your job and make you too jittery to operate a fork-lift safely.
I’ll agree that it’s an employers market, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the employees trying to even the playing field. Most are just good people trying to pay their bills.

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@Nullo ALL employers play with some employees with habits they don’t know . I would rather deal with a pot smoker than a crackhead, a person who eats too much or an uncontrollable alcoholic. You never get a perfect staff, you watch closely. If my staff is on crack, I’ll see it. If my staff has a fat induced heart attack I’ll see it. If my staff smells of alcohol, even in the morning, I’ll know it. Marijuana, while still illegal, is the least of my worries.
@Evelyn_475 good luck to you. You have a small problem because society refuses to recognize which drug should be illegal. it’s alcohol

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@Nullo I work in probally the most high risk field that is possible and from my own experience the majority of accidents were caused by these so-called “conservatives” who were antipot themselves who usually came into work with a severe hangover or even half a load on from their precious “nondrug” called alcohol. Unfortunately most people will not lose their jobs due to their alcohol habit unlike people who use weed responsibly. Most worktime accidents are caused be one of these 3 things:alcohol, tiredness (I’ve worked at places where you were putting in 12 to 18 hours a day 5 to 7 days a week), and just from just being bold or feeling pressure to “go faster” so safety issues such as lock-out/tag-out among others get ignored.

@perspicacious The choice to choose employment based upon how the employer will dwell into your personal life is not a shame. How many people would avoid careers if the majority of the employers in that field tested for nicotene or banned any type of alcohol use.

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