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Aside from sex/kissing/hugs etc., what's the best physical feeling?

Asked by Seelix (14886points) December 1st, 2010

I don’t mean anything sexual or romantic. I mean the best purely physical feeling you can think of…

For me, it’s the combination of freshly-washed sheets and freshly-shaven legs.

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Being in a hot tub.

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A massage.

They don’t have to be sexual in any way. But that tension being released from the back feels so damn relaxing.

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A friend of mine used to say the most underrated pleasure on earth is a healthy bowel movement. I always thought it was a good line.

I personally love the feeling of the gentle waves and warm, clean, clear water of the ocean in the tropics.

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The way new socks feel!

If I had a million dollars I would buy a fresh pair of socks for every day of the rest of my life… wear them once and never wear them again.

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@mrlaconic I’m the opposite; I love old soft socks.

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Hot tubs and massage…oooh yes! ;-)

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Being snuggled in a thick, warm blanket on a really cold night.

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Ice cream soothing a sore throat.

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I like to think that a good sweater is like a nice warm hug. That said, the best feeling is being snuggled up in my blankets, warm and cozy!

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Being snuggled up with certain flutherans on a really cold night.

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A hot shower or a massage.

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There are too many now to name. I like the shaved leg feeling sometimes… (rarely exposes her legs so they are very seldom shaven or epiladied) I love swimming in the ocean naked, but I don’t get a chance to do that anymore living here, close to the Arctic circle, of course. I love putting on thick socks after I’ve given my feet a scrub with my salt scrub mixture and pedicure.
I loved breastfeeding my baby and those endorphins and hormone rush it gave me. It was better than a glass of wine.

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Being tickled under your armpits by a naked woman whilst eating a twinkie. Bliss sheer bliss :¬)

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Scuba diving off a wall in the ocean is pretty awesome, so is running full bore down a gentle hill in a prairie on a sunny summer day.

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NOT having a migraine headache and sneezing. i generally sneeze about 13 times, all at once. most of the time, a sneeze is refreshing and tingles all over my body.

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That rare moment when you are almost asleep, but just barely awake enough to realize it. It is usually such a brief period of time that I miss it completely, but every once in a while I will catch it for a minute or two either when going to sleep or waking up.

Cuddling up into a big sweatshirt, flannel jammie pants, soft socks and cozy blanket is a close second.

On the lines of @rooeytoo‘s friend, finally being able to urinate after holding it in for way too long is a fabulous feeling of relief.

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Hitting a golf ball and knowing it’s dead on as soon as you hit it, or letting go with a basketball and knowing as soon as it leaves your hand that it’s going in. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never experienced it, but you just know when it feels right. You have this feeling of yes! as soon as you start it, and then you can just watch the flight of the ball. Although I’m not sure how it would compare to peeing after holding it too long.

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This, for me, happened last night (I typed it up last night, as well. Elsewhere):

Just came back from a run, and then I went to lie on the back deck for a few moments. I looked up at the moonlight sky, and my face was lightly pelted with frosty snowflakes. I could see the flakes coming right at me. Then when I was breathing (heavy), I swallowed a good hundred.

Awesome feeling.

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First thing I thought of was climbing into a bed in hot weather that has sheets just off the clothesline. Nice memory, anyway. The other is gazing into the gorgeous eyes of my grandson when he says something simply brilliant. Or sweet. I adore him.

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