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College kids, how are you making it through the rest of the semester?

Asked by jessifer1212 (491points) December 2nd, 2010

What is everybody doing to make it through these last weeks of the semester before finals and then winter break? Personally, I’ve been curling up in bed watching movies and doing my best to not think about the pile of work I have to do.

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I’m doing the work that’s coming my way and studying for my tests and finishing up some products for a couple classes and when I have free time, I pull pranks on people. Pretty much I keep myself busy so I don’t have time to think about it.

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Technically, I am on the quarter system.

The week before finals is what I affectionately refer to as Hell Week. The English professors at my school typically put in a call for papers during the last week of class so that they may grade and redistribute them on the scheduled day for the final exam. Most quarters, I was enrolled in several English Literature courses at the same time and would have, as a result, several essays due rapid-fire. This time around, I only had four single-page essays to worry about for English Renaissance. I was up pretty late writing them, but they are finished.

I have two final exams left (an in-class final for Structure of Language that I could pass without studying and a take-home final for World Literature that should not be too difficult.) Unless something terrible happens, I can breathe easy for these last few days.

What do I usually do to get through the train wreck that is Hell Week? Anything but my actual work. Even this quarter, I downloaded a season of a television show and kept a window of the episodes playing while typing my papers (there was far more watching than writing getting done yesterday this morning.) I’ll also play music, read books, and instant message / text whiny updates to my friends.

Another thing that helps, in a small way, is talking to myself. I may look like a nutcase while doing it, but it helps me to organize my thoughts.

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I’m having even more nightmare’s about failing. I had one last night about my ASL teacher laughing (like it’s no big deal, not mocking) as she told me that I had gotten a D on my expressive exam.

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There’s only one paper I’ve got to write for my classes, and it’s just a brief discussion on a feat of engineering (I chose the Hubble telescope). The rest of my classes aren’t exactly set up for any kind of big project (Windows Server, Wireless Networking, and Statistics).

So, appropriately, I’ve spent all my time talking to friends and watching movies, putting off the paper.

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I have a lot of things to do (Finals, papers, and an e-portfolio). It’s a huge cluster-fuck, but it will be worth it, as I will have a break for more than a month.

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I handled it by dropping out.
So maybe I should listen to you guys.

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I just cant fucking wait till its over. Monday I have a ten minute speech, Tuesday I have a ten minute speech and ten page paper, and Wednesday I have another ten minute speech. None of which ive really started. Should be a fun weekend…..

Then I got two finals to do.

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