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What's your favorite team and why?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Los Angeles Dodgers. I grew up in LA, love baseball and it is part of me in a way.

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Tar Heels and Volunteers are 2 of them

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Golden State Warriors!!!!!!!!!!! I love b-ball and I love California. And that’s that.

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I like Raiders fans because they are totally nuts

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I’m a raider fan. Haha. See them every year. My boyfriend is the one that’s nuts though. Raider tatoos and all. This is their year, I just know it. :)

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No way, thats rad. I love Raider games.

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The Lakers!!!!!

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Dallas Cowboys all the way!!!! Been watching them since I can remember and going to games for like ten years now

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Duke Basketball, bc I have grown up in North Carolina surrounded by UNC fans and they are so annoying and Duke has a better all around hoops program.

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Boston Red Sox and the Great New England Patriots because they are the best!

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Raider fans are for sure the craziest out there, and I would love to see the Raiders win it all this year but there is no way.

@khelms01: So you like Duke because you hate UNC? Don’t you have to learn to love before you learn to hate?

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Tennessee Titans, UT Volunteers,STL Cardinals. Old cardinals when ozzie smith used to backflip out to shortstop and juiced up Mark McGuire cranked out homers.

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The New Orleans Saints, because I just love them and the city of NOLA! My husband and I are big fans.


LSU because they are LSU and are the best!

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buster: props for being a TN fan.

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@rking You must not live in North Carolina bc if you did you would know that that is just the nature of this rivalry when duke loses tarhole fans go crazy talkin trash about the blue devils and likewise its just the way it is with 2 programs of these two’s stature

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Dallas Cowboys- 8 Super Bowl appearances and 5 victories… I’ve stuck with them through the crappy years, too… Unfortunately, we have ALOT of bandwagon fans who probably need to be shot…

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