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What are California tenants' rights concerning guests?

Asked by MCBeat (164points) December 2nd, 2010

My boyfriend pay $400 a month to live in his family’s multi-family home in El Cajon, CA. His parents are the landlords (they don’t have a business license), and he works for his step-dad’s construction business. I’ve been dating him for a year, & after his sister & I had a falling-out a month ago, his mom, who favors her daughter over him indefinitely, has decided to forbid me from ever coming over again. His sister is not a paying tenant & doesn’t even live there.
According to California law, is he able to have me over anyways? He does not share any communal space with his family except a hallway. He is a paying, lawful tenant, & feels like his parents can’t call the cops on me for criminal trespass if I am his personal guest he has invited over.

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(1) His apartment is a separate unit in the multi-family home, correct?

(2) Is there a lease?

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Yes, it is a separate unit. I’m 90% sure he’s on the lease. They MIGHT have gotten lazy & not put him on it, since he is their son, but I’m not sure.

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Slightly confused – I assumed that the parents owned the house. Are they renting it, and is he subletting from them?

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Yeah, his parents own the house. And yes, they’re renting it and he’s on the lease agreement.

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Check the lease – that’s going to be the controlling document in that case.

But know that, practically, it’s still his family, and you all might not want to push the point. Also, on the practical front, if bad blood starts to get worse, once the lease is up – they don’t have to renew it.

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Okay, thank you!

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Check out this too – it should get you started.

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