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What's a good house present for a bunch of vegetarians/vegans?

Asked by owenburnett (183points) December 2nd, 2010

I have a group of 8 vegetarian/vegan friends who all live in a co-op house together and I want to give them a house present for the holidays. They all cook together (and make wonderful meals), so I’m thinking of something like a breadmaker or pots and pans, but those seem a tad boring. Any cool gift ideas for this hippy group?

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I think the breadmaker would be ok.

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Get them an nice indoor herb garden! They will love you to death for it!

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How about a soyamilk maker here
Or perhaps a ‘grow your own’ seed sprouter – for growing wheat grass here is the link;

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A rice cooker.

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A juicer!

I love mine, make all sorts of great fresh juices, juice combo’s, fruit smoothies.

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As a vegan, I’d love soy milk maker. And seed sprouter, indoor herb garden’s good too but that’s a lot more prep.

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Vegan cookbooks?

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I like @Coloma‘s idea. I want one, even though I’ll never use it.

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Bamboo or electric steamer.

Great for rice and veggies.

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Oooh..I have to use my steamer, I forgot all about it!

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