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Who produces, creates, writes, etc, PETA's advertising?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) December 2nd, 2010

I presume a large company such as PETA has a number of agencies working for them, or perhaps I could be incorrect, and that all is done “in-house.” Working on a paper for school and having a difficult time locating this answer, so I was hoping to tap the collective for some help!

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I do not know much of anything about PETA’s organization, or rather how their marketing department’s budget is spent. This will not answer your question directly, but might suggest that they are doing it in house.

Take a look at what positions they are hiring for right now. There are about 9 different marketing positions available. And again I realize that this doesn’t prove that they DON’T outsource ANY strategy, development, creatives, or writing.

My personal opinion would be, since they only hire people who are aligned with the cause. That their own passionate employees are the one’s who create these effective and shocking media pieces.


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The Cricket Club, a New York-based agency created PETA’s proposed Super Bowl ads targeting KFC (FOX refused to run them).

The torso ad was done by JWT Kuwait (J Walter Thompson).

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excellent research and answer both of you – thank you!

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