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Do skiers not like snowboard brands?

Asked by shammie (64points) December 2nd, 2010

I am trying to buy some warm socks for a male friend who ski’s. I went to an outdoor equipment store and saw brands like Burton and really liked their socks. Is there any skiers out there that a brand like Burton would annoy you to wear? Are there brands that skiers prefer.

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It’s been too many years since I have skiied (to my great sorrow). When I shop for ski socks, part of my search depends on how thick they are. My ski boots are injection molded, and I have to use socks of approximately the same weight as the ones I was wearing when I first got my ski boots. A thicker or thinner sock might adversely affect the fit.

Then I ask the salesman to show me the top of the line with the thickness I need. Some socks also have a liner that provides wicking ability to prevent wet feet from sweating.

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I wouldn’t care about brand, but how different are ski and snowboard boots? I have never even looked at snowboarding equipment. The ski socks that I’ve used and love have padding in all the important areas, like the shins. Ski boots are a bitch and they tear my legs up. Really, what I look for in ski socks is that they not be wool because it irritates my skin and that they have good padding in the right places.

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Here are two quotes from a ski and snowboard forum.

“Ski socks are insulated more in some places and less in others while snowboard socks are generally consistent in insulation.”

My Smartwool phd socks are the ski ones. The only difference from the snowboard ones is that the ski ones have less padding on the calf. And the last thing my giant calfs need is more padding. I love those socks.”

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