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When you unwrap your christmas presents, do you shake & feel or just get on with it?

Asked by ucme (50047points) December 2nd, 2010

You know how it is, a suprise gift. One which you didn’t see coming. Are you eager to see what it is & therefore hurriedly unwrap the thing? Or do you let the moment linger with anticipation? Give it a quick shake or a fondle. Just like with the wife :¬)

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I admire the wrap job for a minute, if it is, infact, admirable. lol

Then, I just tear right in…Coloma the bold…lets just get down to it! haha

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Ever since I started getting electronics for Christmas, I have set aside the “shake and feel” process.

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I punt them through the goal posts,then do alittle dance if it survives! ;)

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I do not shake and feel. I just unwrap things carefully.

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No matter how great the gift, it never matches the thrill of anticipation. I like the gifts all wrapped under the tree much better than the opening of them.
I’m into mild torture and self denial :-)

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When I was younger, I used to sneak and try to look or figure out my gifts ahead of time, but this is when I was young. Now I just open things in a regular fashion. I’m a bit careful in case anything is fragile, but for the most part, I just open them.

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My wife has the uncanny ability to roll and shake her gifts just barely and figure out almost exactly what is inside.

She’s had many years experience in this during her childhood.

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My par—Err, I mean SANTA OF COURSE doesn’t wrap my presents, but there’s still the anticipation as our parents make us kids wait at the bottom of the stairs and take 10 pictures to torture us while the exposed gifts lay around the corner of the stairwell. Not that I walk around about an hour before then in the living room…

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I always try to guess what the gift is before opening it. I will feel the packaging, roll it around a bit to listen to the noise it makes, and then make a guess. Some members of my family started getting creative in order to try to trick me since I was pretty good at guessing (almost always got it right).

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When I was a child, we weren’t allowed to touch our presents before Dad handed them to us. Then we could shake, but why bother? Mom always wanted to save the wrapping, so we tried to be very careful taking it off.

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I linger a bit to enjoy the wrapped part of the gift and then I unwrap kind of careful, not slow but not fast. I really enjoy looking at wrapped up goodies.

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I just feel the present and then unwrap it.

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I always have to shake it then hold it for about 10 seconds.

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You know I could really run with that, but, I’ll behave. lol

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Usually I just get on with it. Does that make me boring?

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@Leanne1986 Yes…...of course not, just eager to feast your eyes on the prize :¬)

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