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Should I avoid push-ups? Are there any good alternatives?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) December 2nd, 2010

I really enjoy doing push ups… and well, see,... here comes the awkward part…—> Should I continue doing push ups? or will I become flatter from working my chest muscles too much?

Since I came home from my Basic Military Qualification training… I was in pretty good shape, but I also noticed that I’m flat!
I know that push ups are a great exercise, for strength too, but I don’t want to become flatter than I already am!

Someone please tell me that I’m wrong, and that push ups won’t make my chest flat! Or even muscular…. (I’m a female, for anyone who doesn’t know, or hasn’t already figured out).

So, should I keep working on my push ups, or try other sorts of exercises?

Any recommendations? Suggestions? Comments?
Thanks in advance!

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Push-ups will not make your chest flat.

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@marinelife, oh, haha, thanks for the quick answer! I guess I’ve been worrying about nothing…?! haha… >_<

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what is happening your muscle is growing therefore making the illusion that you are becoming flat. What is your goal?

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If anything they make create the illusion of a fuller bust, by increasing the muscle mass underneath the breasts.

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@TheOnlyNeffie No it does not, is the other way around

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@mrmijunte; my goal is strength.. I think. I’m not entirely sure… as strange as that may sound. I know it is a great exercise though, and that I’m not half bad at them.

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Push ups are frequently recommended for women who want to appear larger in the bust than they already are.

”...the toning and firming of your chest muscles can result in your breasts appearing larger and more perky.” Just the first site I happened to pull up.

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The breast size is the same, the muscle underneath the breasts does grow. If you want to get stronger what you are doing es perfectly fine, if you want to conserve your lean figure

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Are you going into the military soon? You’ll be thankful to be good at those pushups if you are.
Fit and confident is much more attractive than larger breasts to many people.

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@TheOnlyNeffie; oh, very interesting.

@Blueroses; Oh, I am in the military. ;) And I don’t mind small breasts anymore, when I came to the realization.. I was a bit shocked, but I just accepted it. =D

Thanks all! Your contribution is very much appreciated! I will indeed work on different types of push ups tonight at the gym! :P

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Well thank you for serving! I misread the training part in your question.
Which branch are you in, if I may ask?

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@Blueroses; I’m in the naval reserves. :P

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Awesome! You chose the best branch for women for advancement. Also the one least likely to require you to do a lot of pushups after Basic.

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I’m willing to bet that the reason you’ve noticed a decrease in breast size is because you’ve lost any extra fat that was in your chest area. Breast tissue is composed of fat, and so when you lose weight or exercise more, your breasts will get smaller. But there’s no chance of them going away completely! As others have mentioned, you might even notice that they look bigger because of the increased mass in your pecs.

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For that it’s worth, I find women who are in great shape and have naturally small breasts much more attractive than women with really big boobs.

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Like @Seelix said. You probably lost body fat in training. It isn’t the push ups, it’s the vigorous exercise and controlled diet.

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Pushups are good but should be just a small part of your daily workout. Consider adding pullups/chinups, situps, leg-raises for now and then slowly add more exercises. There are many great exercises with dumb bells, roll-out reels and one of the big exercise balls to work out your entire body.

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The reason your breasts are smaller is likely due to a loss of body fat, as breast tissue is largely composed of fat cells.

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have you ever heard of lady pushups, you just go on your hands and knees and stretch you arms out in front of you and go up and down and up and down

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There are much better exercises than push ups. For chest development, bench presses with barbells or dumb bells, flyes with dumb bells and pullovers with barbells are good exercises.

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