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Characterization help?

Asked by awacting (798points) December 2nd, 2010

I’m auditioning with a monologue for a school. I need to characterize my character. I need to make something of her. Is there anything you think I should think about when I create a character? Is ther anything that can help me?

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Who or what is the character? Start there.

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What is the nature of the monologue? If you have already written it, let that inform the character. Who would say those things? What is her back story?

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@awacting OK, put yourself in the girl’s position. Make up a story about her family and her life. Imagine how she would be feeling. Let those things inform your reading (or reciting) of the monologue.

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Look into her emotional make up, which means exploring childhood background, traumas, lifestyle, hobbies. I could be wrong, but most girls in high school struggling with peer pressure are drama queens.

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Ask yourself questions about her.

How is this girl coping? Is she playing it supercool while dying on the inside or cutting or drinking or doing drugs? How is she with her mom right now? Is she outing out in any way to get attention and help?

Knowing a character is about asking tons of questions, the nature of the character comes out when you start knowing the answers because you’ve become that character.

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It might help to know the book the monologue is coming from. Is it Rules by Cynthia Lord? She is an awarding winning writer. The book is awesome. If that is the correct title, take at look at the author’s website and what she says about the character. Don’t copy what she says, use your imagination and put yourself in Catherine’s place. Imagine you have a brother who is different and imagine the feelings you might have when friends come over and meet him for the first time. Makeup conversations and pretend what you would say.

I hope this helps.

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Sorry, I bet your monologue is from Cindy Cooper’s monologues and skits. Same advise, different reference.

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(<——- —studied under one one of his pupils) Sanford Meisner defined acting as behaving truthfully in imaginary circumstances. Read the monologue again. What is the character’s situation? What is the truth of that situation to you? When you think about how you would react and behave in a similar situation, consider your honest reaction and go from there.

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@bkcunningham1 I read the book rules and loved it, but thats not where my monologue was from. I think I got it from the other book I mentioned. I got it from the library and had to return it so I’m not positive but thanks for the link.

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