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If we were to get rid of the hormones within us and electrical nerve impulses of the brain, we would pretty much achieve zombie state, am I right?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20727points) December 2nd, 2010

Would that not be paradise on earth? Without those, nothing would work us up, upset us, hurt us, sadden us and complicate us. Sounds good doesn’t it?

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Aren’t Zombies dead humans? We’d have to die first, no? Anyway, if we achieved zombie status, we wouldn’t know we’re in paradise so I vote no.

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Zombies don’t make any sense from a scientific point, without all the electrical impulses from the brain, the muscles won’t force us to stand in an upright position, so no stumbling around.

It’s not really all that great. My oldest son says he is half zombie due to his severe stroke three years ago. He has no feelings on his left side. It was because of this he tripped over his cat and broke his femur.

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Pain, grief, hurt, strife, frustration agony, stress- all the things that toss us into turmoil- as bad as they are wiithout these things how could we truly grasp and appreciate joy, elation, love, health, peace, euphoria, happiness.

Heaven is the ability to feel.

Poor zombies… They cannot LIVE on any level.

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By getting rid of hormones and electrical impulses, you mean getting rid of feelings and thoughts, no?
I think it sounds dreadfully boring and meaningless, not eutopic.

To not feel anything, to be empty… I hate when I feel that way.
I think the good emotions feel good, so we like them; the “bad” emotions are really just misunderstood: but just as, if not more so, important—emotional pain, like physical pain, is telling us something needs change (ow! don’t poke the bruise, dummy!). How could we achieve true paradise if we were never able to feel when change was needed?
Besides, the dark depths of pain and colorful blisses of joy are so gorgeous in art… I would hate to see that beauty lost.

I don’t know that complication is necessarily bad. I think it colors the world, adds depth to it. It add depth to us. Our fifth dimension, if you will; our mind, emotional and creative. As much as I hate mine most of the sometimes, I would loath to lose it.

There are a number of books about “eutopic” worlds where they’ve attempted to rid the human of the pains and confusions. While we often feel like we’re drowning with them, we’re completely lost in the shallowness we feel without them.

Besides, I’m with @Dog on the poor zombies. Who wants to live in eternity being wrapped in toiletpaper-esque bandages, with your arms stuck straight out in front of you?

Sounds so appealing when you’re overwhelmed, but not so pretty when the implications appear.

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Weird definition of “paradise.”

If you get rid of all electrical impulses, you stop breathing and stuff, so… you’re more dead than undead.

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No, that would just make you dead…. not undead.

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I live to feel things, good and bad, let’s me know I am alive. There will be plenty of time when I am dead to have no hormones and electrical impulses in my skull….no big hurry there.

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You just cancelled out everything makes us physiologically what we are.
In other words, let’s think about how cool it would be to not be there at all.
No thanks.

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