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Can sterling silver be engraved?

Asked by missjena (918points) December 2nd, 2010

I heard sterling silver cannot be engraved on. Is this true? Also, I want to find out how much money this specific money clip I recently got was. Is Colibri of London a good jewelry/accessory brand? How can I find this out?

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Many people (Including me) traditionally have their silver flatware engraved. So, yes, you can engrave sterling silver.

See monogram here.

Any upscale jewelry store will have either an engraver on the premises or available.

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Thank you. I am trying to figure out how much this item was. Is there a website where I can find out about how much this cost?

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Of course, why ever not? My sterling flatware is engraved, and my dad wore a sterling ID bracelet from his mother with his GI number in WWII. I have it now.
Ask a local jeweler if you have the piece in your possession, since you would probably have the work done locally.

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What about silvertone can it be engraved?

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@missjena if your money clip is real silver ( not plated) it will bear one or more “Hallmarks.”

Here is an online guide where you can learn more.

This should be your first step in determining the value of the clip.

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Yes, I’m sure some people even engrave __“sterling silver“__ on their… sterling silver. But sterling silver is usually stamped, as such.

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Colibri seems to be an indifferent brand offering both “silvertone” and silver, some gold, small diamonds, some stainless steel jewelry. A Colibri plant in the US closed in 2009.

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I take it you received this money clip as a gift and now you are trying to discern how much the gift-giver paid for it, is that correct?

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