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Why is mcdonalds still in buisness?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 6th, 2008

why is mcdonalds still in buisness when it just makes people bigger?

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because they give the customer what they want. And if thats supersized superfat asses so be it!

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mostly because of propaganda the say there food is healthier than their competiters but its not watch supersize me and read chew on this

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Because getting “bigger” is a long-term effect, and people are short-term thinkers. So, when people see a short-term advantage (tasty/cheap/quick food) they overlook the long-term advantages (gaining weight). A possible contributor to this is probably that this small short-term advantage probably doesn’t play that big a role in the bigger long-term disadvantage.

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Because us grad students need to eat! Seriously, I like to eat healthy just like the next person, but sometimes, you just get that craving. There is nothing wrong with McDonalds as long as it is something you have sporadically, just like chocolate cake, Thanksgiving dinner, pecan pie and Snickers.

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because sometimes a $1 double cheeseburger and fry is just awesomely good.

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I agree with Les. I’m a carpenter, and frankly got sick of making my own lunches every day. I eat a lot of fast “fattening” food, and still have a 29 inch waist at 38 years old. Their food can’t make you fat if you eat in moderation.

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there food is quite fattening, but not as much if you exersice or have a fast matabalism. So people who apply to that eat there a lot and there for they stay in business. At least that’s my theory.

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Because I just ate a quarter pounder it was scrumptious

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Because people keep buying their stuff!!!

Mmm… Quarter Pounder…

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It does seem amazing that McD is still around. They need to come up with some more healthy foods that are actually good. Does that exist?

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i wish macdonalds in america had goat and sheep sandwiches like the macdonds in india

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Damn, that sounds amazing. I like the Mcdonalds in Madrid had gazpacho and beer on the menu.

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That begs the question… can you imagine a world without McDonalds?

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watch Supersize Me

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i like what you said mcbealer!!!!!!!!!
everyone who thinks mcdonalds is good, should watch supersize me!!!!

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lol yeah thats for sure im not crazy about resturants like that

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Because their fries are awesome!

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A world without McDonald’s is not a world worth living in. Fat people, don’t blame McDonald’s for your problems. McDonald’s loves you, doesn’t judge you and simply wants to feed you a mouth-wateringly delicious value meal.

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or a filet-O-FEESH

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Great answer point @Big88

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Because people buy McDonald’s food, and are willing to pay enough that McD’s can stay in business and make a tidy profit.

It’s not McDonalds’s role to determine what we’re allowed to eat. We do that. McDonald’s just provides something a lot of people want to eat.

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I’ve watched Supersize Me and it does make you want to never eat there again. But as time passes you start to let Supersize Me fade from your brain and you think about the taste of a Big Mac and those fabulous fries, your will is broken, you give in.

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Its extremely addicting and it tastes really good when you are hungry (especially the fries).

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Mcdonnals does taste good and people enjoy it. But personally I always knew it was unhealthy and fatning! Also some people got a point. It might be good, an enjoyment and addiction to some people, but still Mcdonnalds its a cause for diabetes!

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