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What kind of employment would I classify this as?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) December 3rd, 2010

Ok, so I NEED a QUALITY local employee really fast,

Here’s the Job:

Total Hours- 300–500 85ish days 6 hour days
Shipping and revieving
End bonus if zero mistakes

So what would this job classify as? Seasonal? Part-Time? Very Temp?
What would be a good Hourly rate?
Do I have to give benifits?

If a company posted a job like this in your area what would it take for you to apply?

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I would say either seasonal or temporary.

In order for me to apply for a job like that, I’d need to be in a position where I just wanted some extra cash since it wouldn’t be a permanent position and it sounds like there isn’t any chance of it becoming permanent.

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I would classify it as a three-month project. Not knowing the details, I would set aside $10,000 for this person. Pay more for no benefits, as there wouldn’t be a point to doing that, outside of worker’s compensation insurance.

I would consider a three-month project if it was a good challenge for me and I would be fairly compensated.

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I’d call it seasonal of it lines up with a holiday season, and temporary if it is another time.

Would you lose the “no mistakes bonus” if I misspell “receiving” as “revieving”?.

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Seasonal or temporary for sure. Part time employment is generally for an indeterminate amount of time – and this seems to have an end date.

A good wage would be dependent on the market.

Benefit requirements have changed drastically, so I’m not sure. It’s unclear whether workers employed thirty hours a weak but temporary will be considered full time under the new laws. It also depends on whether you qualify for any exemption as a small business.

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Call it temp. @worriedguy You lost your bonus. of it lines up?

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@missA. Would the $10 000 include the bonus?

@worriedguy HA, HA sue me i’m on my stupid phone only if the customer didn’t get the order because of it

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@coffeenut I would need to have specifics on duties, market area, etcetera. I’m sure you have a set amount of revenue for this portion of the project, so be realistic and use good business judgement. It might come down to depending upon the ‘right’ employee.

You sound as if you truly want to do the right things, all the way around. Good luck with your endeavor.

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@missA how does this sound. $15.00—$17.00 hourly apx $7,500—$8,500 with a $5,000.00 bonus
No benifits they still would have canadian healthcare

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How much would you pay for someone to correct your mistakes?

Shipping and revieving? Benifits instead of benefits? 85ish days? I can only imagine what that means. If your person is going to have guess at or imagine what you tell him, then you’d better increase the bonus and pay it daily.

What’s the term of employment? As soon as 500 hours are achieved the person is laid off? Or is this “from now until Christmas”? If that’s the case, then it’s definitely and obviously “seasonal temporary”.

A good hourly rate is whatever you can afford that will attract the right person / people. That’s going to vary from one labor market to another, and from one cost-of-living area to another. It’s going to cost you more in Connecticut and Alaska, for example, than it’ll cost in most of the South.

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Seasonal. No, you do not have to give benefits. Perhaps $15.00 an hour.

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@CyanoticWasp I’m sorry I’m not perfect because you obviously are. or are you
Well, what could 85ish days mean… He is offering let’s assume 500hrs employment well that would be 83.33 days at 6hrs a day. Will employment end at Christmas? Well Christmas is 22 days away…..528hrs, So it does meet the 500hrs but the poor soul would have to work almost 23hrs a day…oops we forgot about the 6hrs a day, so it’s not Christmas (unless December is a longer month where you are)...Obviously

So I will take my shitty phone spelling over your shitty math every time

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@coffeenut When you specify zero mistakes from your part-time, temporary employee, it is up to you to be the best example you can be.

My grandson recently accepted a job unloading Xmas trees and assisting the buyers. His hours are on call only, for California minimum wage. We are desperate to have some money coming into the house.

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@YARNLADY you can’t compare Business mistakes to Fluther question/answer done on a cell phone mistakes.

I have run my business for six years and in that time I have NEVER made a shipping mistake

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No one here can know specifics because we don’t know exactly what the job entails. I was giving generalities within the confines of what you wanted to do.

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@MissA I posted my add in my new question

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This type of job, if they are performing it in your place of business is a temporary job, part time job. This person would be classified as non-exempt (they would keep track of their hours worked and turn them into you as required) and you would pay them according to your normal payroll.

Regarding benefits, if you denoted in your handbook that part time employees receive benefits then, yes. If you don’t have a handbook, then so long as no other employees receive benefits you do not need to offer them.

Finally related to compensation, it would depend upon a couple of things:
1) where are you located?
2) what type of responsiblities do they have
3) what are you paying others in similar role.

Hope that helps.

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@rbaruch I don’t have any other employee’s, or a “handbook”
and the rest is here

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@coffeenut – I think the comp and the job description are fine and the min requirements outline things well.
Based upon this, my only change would be to add –
1) Temporary to the title of shipping clerk so that it is clear up front.
2) Denote that the bonus is subject to state and federal taxes
3) Very specific information about how to receive the bonus. What do they need to do in order to receive the bonus?

Based upon this, you don’t need to offer benefits. I also agree with the changes seelix added.

One question, why do you want have 3 random drug test throughout the 3 months? That seems very high and I question the legality of it.

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“Do you like to nitpick and overly correct others?”

No, I don’t. And, what a pitiful way to respond to those seeking to help you…in a new question, no less.

You have had several people respond to your need for assistance with an ad. Yet, you insult them upfront.

If you are expecting 100-percent accuracy with a potential employee, then why are you not willing to use an online dictionary in order to represent yourself in an adequate light?

I would run from an ad displaying such demands, yet containing misspellings, poor usage of capitalization and other poor language skills. I couldn’t be certain of the quality of person I might be employed by.

Perhaps you might overlook ’little’ mistakes with your employee so as not to nitpick or overly correct them.

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@rbaruch – The way I’m paying out the bonus makes it tax free . I am paying it out of my salary from my company so I have already paid the taxes (more than he would have) on it. Instead of trying to figure out how to adjust it so after taxes it would be the same.

And the 3 drug tests are a scare tactic. I most likely won’t do them (except one the fist month), and the most popular drug in my area is Pot (that people claim is not addictive) so they shouldn’t have a problem stopping using for three and a half months ( personally I couldn’t care less what you do on your free time…..but there are some people that can’t tell the difference between personal time and work time, so I want them to take a little break wile they work for me.

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If you need to use ‘scare tactics’ to complete your project, then I’d say you chose the wrong person. In this fashion, you are insulting your potential employee upfront. You need trust and communication more than ever…and is not gained by drug testing.

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Trust…Needs to be earned not given.
My company isn’t the only one that uses scare tactics on employees

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