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I'm thinking about getting an Ipad with a portable wifi (mifi) like device? Advice?

Asked by rovdog (842points) December 3rd, 2010

What have been your experiences with them? Most importantly- what plan are you using? I was thinking about either virgin mobile 9b/c there is a fixed price for unlimited data) or verizon (b/c they are bundling it now with no contract)? Any experiences with these networks?

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I’m using my Android phone rather than a dedicated device, and one thing I’ll say is that it’s a pain to charge more than one device to perform a single function. If you are also looking at a new phone, I’d suggest looking into the Wireless tethering functions of many Android phones out there now (I’m on the Galaxy S, for example).

It depends where in the world you are (less so in the US where Verizon doesn’t work because of differing technologies). If you are in a country where the iPad can go on any network with a SIM and the networks are GSM carriers, it makes less sense to buy a portable device as well as an iPad. If you can cope with using the networks that offer the iPad, I would spend that extra bit of cash and get the 3G+WiFi model. In my case I chose not to do this so I would only be paying for one data plan per month, rather than having to pay twice.

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Thanks- actually the 3G wifi Ipad and the Mifi + Ipad options are pretty much the same price. I am thinking of the MiFi because I think I’d love to 3G for my computer as well when I travel. I also want to be able to upgrade easily when 4G becomes more common. I am just curious if anyone is using these networks – I barely use 3g on my iphone because it is so spotty- but that might just be ATT.

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