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Where & how would your idea of a perfect Christmas Day be spent?

Asked by ucme (50031points) December 3rd, 2010

Pretty much open to your own personal interpretation. From beginning to end, where would you spend your day? Home or a few different locations? What would this glorious day consist of & with whom would you spend it? I mean family is obviously a gimme, but who else would be invited maybe?

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Awww..easy, anywhere with my grandchildren my friend! Oh, you can come along…we would have fun.

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@BoBo1946 Just try & stop me fella! I’m on the next flight, wife & kids in tow. What a laugh we’d have! :¬)

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Gotta have kids! Kids, presents for all and lots of turkey and pies at a lovely table. With candles.

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@ucme awww… i’m sure we would have a blast. We share the same values about life. Having fun my man!

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@BoBo1946 Oh I will, you too bud!

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At home with my lovely pops for xmas day, then my neices come over on boxing day.
No one else is required, and we have no need to leave the house except to go for a nice walk or something. Perfect!

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I’d like to be snowed in in a cabin much like this one on the shore of Lake Superior, with my husband and children.

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@jonsblond That looks like a lovely cabin. I wouldn’t mind being snowed in there too…

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Just me, Katawagrey and Zup in the morning, here in our own house noshing on coffeecake from our favorite bakery, then a couple of friends over for a simple lunchy thing, then an evening watching movies and eating way too much Christmas candy. In my life I’ve done a lot of exotic things for the holiday, now I just want to be quiet and comfy. What a dull old bird I’ve become!

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I would open my eyes in a tropical paradise. I would look down at the glass floor in my grass hut at the fish on the way outside to the dock for a morning swim.

Then I would pick up a picnic lunch from the resort kitchen, pile into a boat and be dropped off for an afternoon on an uninhabited small island. After we made love under the palms, we’d eat lunch and then take a nap, followed by some beach combing and another swim before the boat picked us up.

When we returned to our hut, a candlelit dinner would be laid out on the patio under the stars and soft music would be playing.

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these days? alone, with a keg. lol…..... :D

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Wow, romance, @marinelife! GA! I wish I had thought of that, but what came to my mind was that I would stay in the kitchen all day, making food, which I would bring out when people are hungry, but the rest of the time I could be alone or maybe watch TV or fluther or something. I might join everyone for dinner, but only if the guest list was an appropriate one.

Still, it would be wonderful if the kids were somewhere else and me and my lover could hang out and make love all day long. And all night, too, for that matter. Lying beside her, maybe even joined, and just enjoying each others being and our connection for 24 glorious hours!

My wife, I think, might not want to cooperate with this idea. She likes Christmas and doing all that stuff for the kids. It just exhausts me. And buying and wrapping presents—someone else would do that on my perfect Christmas.

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My immediate family is scattered everywhere and the nearest one is 900 miles away. We have had 2 reunions over the years in the Mountains of Colorado. 6 families all under one roof and they are the best Christmases ever!

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A tropical place with my husband. Family can come to if they want.

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Start the day with all of our grandchildren opening their presents. Have a nice family breakfast then go sled riding and cross country skiing.

Have a lunch in the woods then everybody back to the house for hot showers and supper prepared by a catering firm. Drinks after supper, maybe a little time in the hot tub with my wife and then bed. Of course our kids put the grandchildren to bed while my wife and I are in the hot tub.

Sounds perfect to me because in my vision, the kids all get along and there are no injuries or trips to the emergency room for stitches. In real life things are a little different because the grand kids are very independent and opinionated, We also take chances so there is usually someone that needs, at least, a little first aid. But you asked about my perfect Christmas so there is none of that happening this time.

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At my Great grandmothers house (that is long gone now) with my entire family (even the ones that want to kill each other) ... All the wonderful food my Great Grandmother used to make, sitting in the living room buried in wrapping paper from all the presents that have been opened, Just like it was when I was a child. Not a care in sight just a good ole time!

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I wish that I could return back to Christmas in 1954 in Wisconsin. It was just Mom, Dad and “the little boy” as my Dad use to called me (I was 3). It is the first Christmas that I can remember. My two older sisters where in Connecticut staying with our Aunt. Dad died 4 months later of leukemia at age 32. God bless him.

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After sharing Christmas Day morning breakfast with loved ones and opening gifts, bf & I drive up to the mountains to play in the snow and then check into a hotel overnight that has a fireplace in the room and also sunken bathtub. We eat fabulous steaks, excellent bread with real butter and have some late night champagne and ripened sliced peaches. We don’t get sleepy and pass out watching TV either.

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Aw crap. Exactly the opposite of the one I’m about to have. Wake up alone, go to work (shit), home to an empty house.

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My whole family together in one place, all eating a catered meal and enjoying each other’s company, like we used to do.

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@YARNLADY can I come over?

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Sitting at my console that I won’t get this year or until I’m in college far away from my parents and playing Forza or GT.

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@janedelila Since it’s only a dream – sure, come on over.

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