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How much should I budget for regular termite prevention per month?

Asked by gorillapaws (26348points) December 3rd, 2010

I’m in the process of buying a home and am trying to work out my monthly expenses. There is currently no termite issues with the home, and I want to keep it that way. So what am I looking at in terms of the cost of regular prevention? The home is in a wooded area of Richmond, VA if that info is helpful.

I’ve looked at some of the big name services, but they seem kind of pricy. I’m just looking to cover basic protection for a home that’s never had any problems.

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I’m in NC and currently pay $65 to $100 quarterly.
Why don’t you ask for quotes from several pest control companies ? ?
The factor “has never had problems” is not part of the pricing structure, it is cost of people and product they put down.
There may be an existing termite control company for the property.

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Cost of termite prevention has many variables. If you live near a source of water, the cost of treatment will be different, and more expensive than if you don’t. It also depends on the type of foundation (slab foundations are more expensive than other kinds). It also varies according to physical diameter of the house.

In general, you will want to get at least three estimates from local companies. Make sure they are bonded and insured. Before you choose one, you might also want to check I actually like ripoff report better than the Better Business Bureau because I get a more rounded idea of what sort of problems other people have run into, what sort of scenarios to avoid, and if any companies are bad ones. Remember it’s not a bad thing if someone has trouble with a company, but what did the company do to resolve it that makes the difference.

As I recall when we contracted for termite control I think we were given the option of buying insurance, so that if we did end up with termites on their watch, the insurance would cover the cost of repairs. I don’t know how cost effective that would be compared to regular house insurance, or if it’s even an option anymore.

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I would do it myself with a perimeter of Ortho Home Defense granules. You sprinkle a bag around your house and it is good for 3–6 months. $20–30 Go to a Lowe’s or Home Depot and see what they have. Also talk to your neighbors and see what they recommend.

If you are working out a budget don’t forget lawn care. Cost depends upon the size of your lawn.

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Excuse the ignorance, but what do termites do to a house? Is there a difference between houses constructed from bricks and those made from timber?

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@meiosis my house is made of brick but it still has a whole of a hell lot of wood supporting it. All the support beams in my house are made from wood as well as all the supports for the floors. It’d be rather unfortunate I suspect if termites were to chew through such supports.

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$25.- $35. does it where I live.

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We have a full service pest control that is on call at all times and comes bi monthly for regular service for $50 a month, which includes weed control and fertilizing the lawn.

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