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If you won over $100 million in the lottery would you share it with all of your friend and family or would that just get out of control? Would it be too hard to be fair and would people just be pissed because one person got more than another?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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It would be wise not to share it with people at all and just invest it, pay off debt, cars, houses etc., and maybe just give you direct family support, but do not give it to your friends because they will mooch off you for a really long time and with piss you off by always wanting more, if i was gunna make a suggestion i would say invest a lot in berkshire hathaway stock

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I’d probably share with my parents since they’ve given me so much, but that’s about it. I’d probably donate to good causes too, but annonymously.

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I would share it with my friends and family

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I would share it with my parents and siblings, but first pay off debts.

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I don’t like of giving money to friends. It’s just weird, for me at least.
I understand maybe pay a meal or a beer, but that’s all, hanging-around expenses.

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I would be brutely honest with my friends for sure. I would share though. With $100 mil, you can afford to give your closest friends a couple grand and buy your parents a new house. Besides that, invest.

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I would share it would be paying them off to leave me alone

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A friend of mine who actually has $100 million, no lottery involved, says he doesn’t ever give or lend cash to friends because it destroys the friendship. He’s happy to pick up the tab at restaurants, and if he feels like going to Italy and thinks you’d be fun to have along, he has no problem in paying your way, but cash is where he draws the line.

(The sole exception is investment: he offered to be an angel investor in a micro-ISV I was trying to set up a few years back in exchange for a 20% stake in the company, but I decided that I wasn’t interested in going that route.)

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I would help my friends and family according to thier needs and their relationship with me. I doubt anyone would tell me they were pissed off because they wouldn’t get any more if they did!

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most of my family are gamblers,that is the only way in hell a poor man can make it by cnance.born with nothing die with nothing,but a damn family fight who is going to get what.the undertaker and tax dept.have it all figured out,and not even a “THANK YOU”

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I cannot imagine not sharing with family if this happened. I really think they’d resent me forever. That being said, I have no idea how I’d go about sharing it without them feeling I was being cheap. That is a huge amount of money to keep for yourself (minus charitable contributions, of course).
I know a man with twelve mill. Biggest cheapskate ever. lol

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