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Is it bad to have eggs every day?

Asked by rkadir11 (35points) December 3rd, 2010

A couple of things first. Ever since I heard it was bad to have eggs everyday because of the amount of LDL cholesterol, I stopped having whole eggs everyday (which include yolk), and so instead, this is what I do… I have 2 WHOLE eggs every OTHER day, and then 3 white-only eggs (no yolk) for the rest of the days, so I switch off.

And so first of all I want to know if it’s bad to have 2 whole eggs with the yolk (which contains the cholesterol) everyday…

and second of all, I want to know if it is bad to have 2 whole eggs every day…

then I want to know if it is bad to do what I’m doing at the moment, which is swithing off- having 2 whole eggs one day and then 3 all-white (no yolk) eggs on the other days..

Also take note that my mother (they say mom knows everything lol) said that it’s just bad to have the SAME THING everyday regardless but I beg to differ because eggs are good for you!! and I know there are kids in other countries who only have rice and beans for every meal but their life spans are also cut short by 10 or more years…

and by the way I am a 19 year old boy, I weigh 136 and am 5 7’ if that matters. In good shape I would say, and I work out every day. Cardio and weights. Also, I have no soda or junk food whatsoever, nor fast food, I only have water water water all day with normal types of meals like rice, some vegetables, a lot of meat, sandwitches, and more.

All inputs are greatly appreciated!! thank you !

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It has since been shown that dietary cholesterol does not play that significant a role in high cholesterol. Two eggs a day is fine, although some variety is better.

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Bad for you or bad for hens that have to produce them for you? Either way, moderate intake – there are other ways to get protein.

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When it comes to diet, variety and moderation are the two most important concepts. So eat tons of different things, and try not to lock yourself down to eating lots of just a few items.

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It is bound to be.

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hell no. Eggs are brain food, very very good for you.. though too much of anything is bad for you (so they say)... just like how the news onces said broccoli can give you cancer… then they said it prevents cancer… instead of listening to everyone else eat what makes you feel good and healthy :) cuz techniqually broccoli is really good for you and can’t cause cancer… i don’t know where people find these facts and then throw it on the news.

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As with just about every food, the source matters. Eggs from chickens (or other birds, I like goose eggs) that are allowed to eat their natural diets, pecking around and such, will be nutritious, as opposed to eggs from chickens trapped in cages and force fed crap.

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I eat about 2 or 3 a day. Love them. I eat them for breakfast everyday. I hate cold cereal.

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I would say it is pretty safe but if you notice feathers growing out from your armpits then stop!

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No. Enjoy the incredible edible egg.

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@shoebox the way such contradictory reports come out is due to a failure in the media to appropriately place science news in the proper context. Scientists are constantly doing small-scale preliminary studies that don’t really mean a whole lot, just to discover areas we should explore further. It’s like how oil companies dig lots of test wells that aren’t meant for production, but just to see if an area might be worth further exploration.

The media is always looking for sensational stories to keep you watching through the commercial break: “are your healthy vegetables actually giving you cancer? Find out after the break!” Instead of doing their job, and saying that a very limited study that will likely be contradicted by a larger, better designed study in the future has discovered that there might be a correlation between eating broccoli and cancer of the [whatever it was], they radically blow things out of proportion, because it keeps people tuned in. The result is that people think it’s the scientists who don’t have a clue what they’re doing instead of the media.

If you ever hear a headline like that, you should go find a science blog or something of that nature where you can hear an intelligent analysis of new studies by someone with the knowledge and experience to put it into it’s proper context and who isn’t motivated by sensationalism.

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If eggs every day is bad, I don’t wanna be good.

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@gorillapaws I hadn’t watched the news in about five years when recently I sat down with my family and it was on. I was stunned at how ridiculous every little thing they said sounded. Great answer.

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If you study nutrition deeply, you will learn that the cholesterol in eggs is good cholesterol (actually helps reduce cholesterol levels over time)

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Moderation is what makes for a healthy diet in my eyes. I personally wouldn’t eat two eggs a day. I’m not a huge fan though. I agree with @incendiary_dan I’d keep an eye on the source :-)

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There was a rule of thumb that I had heard years ago that one whole egg a day is not excessive for the average person. More than that and I think what you are doing with just the whites is probably best!

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Maybe not bad for you but probably bad for your partner or flat mates. wooh stinky toots

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