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Asked by chasy (127points) December 3rd, 2010

I’m considering signing up but I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I’m interested in opinions but I’d also like to hear from people who have used the site…

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Wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. It’s a way to make you work for pennies to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t necessarily want or need that has been gotten by these folks at a discount. You would not be choosing the items you buy from among all the brands available; the “swagbuck” credits probably equate to pennies in real money; and they are data mining you for pennies.

Imagine Green Stamps combined with VisaRewards except you have to work for it at rates that could be as low as 10 cents an hour, and give up your personal information for it.

And they will probably set you up for spam and god knows what else.

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Wow. Thank you! LOL I wondered if it was bad news and now I know! Thanks for the heads up!!

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