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What's a good harmonica brand?

Asked by sherpa_snake (7points) December 4th, 2010

Buying my partner a harmonica for birthday goodness and travels around the world, and don’t know the first thing about them. What’s a good brand? Also, is there anything in particular i should know about harmonicas?

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I don’t know much about them but my dad played a Marine Band harmonica and the one I have for myself is very inexpensive.I won’t buy a good instrument until I can make some decent music with the one I have.
Maybe someday

I hope your partner likes it,They are alot of fun ;))

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Hohner…........spelling? my dad played one, my friend in my rock and roll band played one. they have the best harmonic tone and easiest to play, according to my friends.

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You can’t go wrong with these harps. Nice sound, nice construction, replaceable reed plates, good feel in the hand. Highly recommended for beginners and great harps for pros. I like the minor keys, too. ”


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a dead one.

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Honer Pros are great!

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You can’t go wrong with either Hohner (Bob Dylan used the marine brand line!) or Lee Oskar. They are both great brands. Personally, I play a Lee Oskar because it was recommended for beginners. If you think your partner will like bluesier notes, go with the marine band. No one makes better harps for blues notes than Hohner :)

There is also a difference between a chromatic and diatonic harmonicas. I don’t have any experience with chromatic harps. The Lee Oskar I own is a Major Diatonic in C (this is the standard key for harmonicas.)

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The Hohner Golden Melody is a very fine harmonica. The one in F is particularly sweet. It’s really easy to draw notes. Push bends are not so bad either. It is also ergonomically designe and it works. It feels very sweet in you hand. I’d get the Golden Melody, if that’s feasible.

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Oh, silly me. I thought they asked for a good harmonica band!

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My vote goes to Hohner. And speaking of harmonicas, have you heard Buddy Greene at Carnagie Hall??? Have a listen, it’s fantastic!

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@rooeytoo Thanks! That put a smile on my face.

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Hohner. Only hohner.

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