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How are you saving money this holiday season?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) December 4th, 2010

I’m sitting down to make some Christmas cards now and started to think about how I planned ahead and cut lots of costs!

For starters, I’m making cards from a $5 kit that I got… and I’m sticking with small presents that are fun and practical (cozy socks, fun socks, small journals and Christmas related pens, etc…). I always find it hard to get my parents gifts (well, my dad really) and this year I bought him his favorite Christmas movie and I think it will be the perfect gift!

So what are you doing to save some money this holiday season??

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By getting all my children and other relatives and friends the same gift… a big gift set of cheeses and luncheon meats! It really helps when you buy in bulk! : D

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By ignoring the idea that it’s a “holiday” season and treating it like it’s a regular old season.
And yes, my real name is Scrooge.
Bah, humbug, etc.

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By not buying anyone gifts or cards. Instead, everyone will get a phone call from my company paid cell phone.

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I went black friday shopping. I got the shopping done for 6 people in my family for less then $120! I calculated what I would of spent had I done it without the sales. It would have been close to $400!

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I’m not.

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I planned ahead two years ago by pissing off a bunch of relatives who now (two years later) no longer speak to me.

Decreased my Christmas list by half.

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@cprevite Awesome answer. Wish I had thought of that one ahead of time. I’m sure it helps with birthdays as well. LOL

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By being an antisocial psychopath with no friends to buy gifts for lol. XD

But nah, I didn’t got much gifts to buy no, so I felt a little looser in that area for the few people I did want to get things for. However, I still make my own cards and wussy decorations to put on my presents, which I usually wrap with newspaper; preferably the ones with comic strips to use as an exterior. I do it more so out of fun rather than being Scrooge though. Fuckin hate Christmas anyways lol. XD

Also, this Megaman X Collection video game my friend is on a holy grail quest for only cost nine bucks. But it’s worth everything to her haha. I just found it outta nowhere at the video store, used. Took it home, tried it out to see if it worked, and it’s totally the perfect gift for her, so random divine intervention such as this example help me save money.

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I’m not saving. This year will be no tighter than last year, money-wise. In fact we’re actually better off this year than we’ve ever been.

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@Pandora: Well, I’m being flip when I say I “planned it”, but that was the end result (plus other good things like a noticeable lack of drama).

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