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What does it mean when your steering wheel feels weird?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16789points) December 4th, 2010

The steering wheel of the vehicle has suddenly started feeling ‘wobbly’, and pulling to the right. What could this mean?

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I think it means that something is the matter with one of your tires—and you can have them balanced. It could also be a flat tire, but you probably checked that already. And, of course, if your tires are okay, it could be something I don’t have any idea about. But the tires is where I would begin looking.

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Your tires are probably out of alignment. Hit a curb lately?

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i took it to les schawb a little while ago for a flat- now its like when i drive it feels wierd and the steering wheel kinda like shakes and it pulls to one side- i’ll take it back thanks all and no i dont think ive hit anything

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your wheels may be out of alignment. or you may have a bent rim. the longer you drive like this, the faster you’ll wear out your tires.

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You took it to Schwab and then it started shaking? The tech didn’t fasten one of the weights properly when balancing the tire. Take it back, have it checked, free fix.

Good luck!

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Off the top of my pointy head, I think the possibilities are:

Most likely
Bent rim (can happen from driving on a flat, even for short distances)
Unbalanced wheel (Les screwed up)

Bulge/irregularity in tire
Loose tie rod end
Damaged ball joint

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Before you decide to go out and spend money, check your rims for a big lump of dirt or snow, dont know where you live or where you drive but a sudden change suggests you either hit a curb and bent a wheel or one of your front wheels just ejected part of a mud pie or snow and its throwing it off balance like a washer machine.

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@thecaretaker Like my second Honda ;)

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Also check that your nuts are secure, wheel nuts that is! :-/
Also if your car is fitted with an engine belly pan / under tray, check that this is securely attached Too, As I’ve known these to become damaged & interfere with the steering also….. :-/

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Don’t forget; wheel nuts go pointy side in. I’ve seen a couple people put them flat side in, and hoo boy!

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Bent rim
unbalanced tire
wheel alignment wrong

but I am betting on tire seperation! Does it happen all the time, or at certain speeds? Go back to the tire shop and complain.

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@filmfann you beat me to it! but the only reason I would suggest it is because I listen to CarTalk every week,

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