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when are taxes due this year?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) April 10th, 2007
are they due on sunday (the 15th?) or the following monday? tuesday?
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This IRS website says that they are due the 17th,,id=169369,00.html
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Yes, that's right.
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Yes, and do you know why its not the 16th? because the 16th is a holiday in the District of Columbia and thus the IRS is closed. Not just any holiday - its Emancipation Day, celebrating the day when Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in DC. isn't that cool?!
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Wait, now I'm confused! I thought Emancipation Day was the Juneteenth holiday, naturally celebrated in June. But this is April! Do I have to start a new thing for this? Please explain!
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It's Emancipation Day for Washington DC - when slaves were freed in DC specifically, not the entire country. I say celebrate emancipation any day of the year you like!

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