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What causes tingling in the ears?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15325points) December 5th, 2010

I use a Cpap every night and those straps maybe causing some nerve problems around my ears. It feels like a bug is in your ear. No fun.

I googled this and so many causes listed. Not an infection, not trauma (well, straps could be considered trauma), not diabetes, etc.

Anyone here had this experience?

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Does anyone in your family have this same problem? i have discovered that some of my loss of hearing and ringing in my ears, comes from my mother. its hereditary and she passed it on to me. i now wear hearing aids and they really help with the ringing noise inside my ears.

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Is there sound associated with the tingling? Hmmm. I wonder. I’ve been experiencing some inability to hear buzzing sounds lately. I wonder if the CPAP machine could be at fault? Hard to imagine, since all it is is a white-noise machine.

But it does put a much higher pressure on your sinuses than you would have naturally. Perhaps that elevated pressure in your ears could be causing the tingling? Especially if the air might force its way through your ears at very small volumes, That might cause a tingling, I suppose. Maybe like when you have a cold and you blow your nose.

I’ll bet you that’s what’s going on.

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John, my mother has it…. think I’ll visit Dr. Shea in Memphis for some help. Getting old is not for sissies….for sure!

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@wundayatta good point, but I’ve decreased the volume and it doesn’t help. The ringing is almost constant now.

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Hey John…loll I had lunch with Mother yesterday and she said, “if my ears were not ringing, I would miss it!” She is a hoot…

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