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In order to get your permit (at the age of 15 and a half) Do you go to the DMV and get your permit that day?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 6th, 2008


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depending on what state you live in. In CO the age to get your drivng permit is 15 (last I checked.) as far as I know you can get your permite the day you turn 15. You just go to the DMV and take the test.

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in new york, you need to be a bit older than that. but once you are the right age, you just show up and bring a boat load of identification. i brought my passport, my social security card, a piece of official mail, my draft card, and my dad.

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In Oregon you do. Remember that there is a test you have to take. They don’t just hand it to you. Here you have to take a written test of about 30 questions and a vision test along with a test of street signs. So pick up the manual and study it.

And you could call the DMV in the morning since it varies by state.

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DMV’s are so over crowded, you usually have to make an appt.

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Sorry gies i meant in california

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Dont know about CA but here in NJ, high schools have a drivers education class and at the end of the semester you take the test to get your permit. And if you dont want to take the class, you can just go to the DMV and take the test on this touch screen .

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In California. You have to make an appointment to take the written test. If you pass you will then get your permit, but you cannot drive with anyone unless they are 25+. Before driving you also have to sign up for behind the wheel and do a certain amount of hours with a licensed instructor. You then get a form of completion and I believe you need this for in order to take the test for your actual license.

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You do not have to go the day you turn 15!!! First….you have to take a drivers ed class (I suggest an online one). Then when you have your certificate you can go to the DMV and take the written exam. Once that is passed you will have your learneers permit!!! Nut then you need some behind the wheel training.

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What about Philadelphia? Does anyone know?

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