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Can you write a paragraph that ends with these words, "Or does it only seems that way?" or else write about what comes to mind when you hear that line attached to something someone is saying?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) December 5th, 2010

What does that phrase bring to mind? What might only seem that way? What way is that?

Or…write a paragraph that ends with those words.

I’d really like you to have fun with this…. or does it only seem that way?

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Why is it that everytime there is an important social event in your life or any important event, things seem to go wrong at the last minute or just days prior? For example, you are about to go on a trip overseas, and on the day you leave you can’t find your passport? Or on the day of your wedding, you get a big zit in the middle of your forehead? Or when you got a job interview and you accidentally drop all your important papers on the muddy road? Why do annoying, unfortunate things seem to happen on important occasions, or does it only seem that way? Lol. ;)

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I watch my parakeet sit on the swing in his cage as it sways. His head is swiveling around to take in his world, my room. He sings out a short tweet. He’s looking straight at me. Singing straight at me. Or does it only seem that way?
He jumps off the swing, flapping, and lands with a metallic thud on the bars of the cage floor. He scuttles around, hopping from branch to branch. Still singing; yes, singing. Always singing. He’s so happy. Or does it only seem that way?
Climbing up onto a branch, and hitting the bell I hung there with his beak. Making it ring out in song. A harmony of two melodies, his and the bell’s. His delightful chirps and the bell’s merry chimes. And then he jumps at the front of the cage, claws grasping the vertical bars, and he’s singing directly at me. No question. Or does it just doesn’t seem that way?
I crawl off my chair, cross the room, open the door, let him jump onto my finger. Then he’s out in my room, flying in patterns around the space above my head. I watch him and listen to his song raise in volume to happy shrieks. Feel the wind his wings make brush my cheeks. Hold my finger out as he lands on it. Or does it only seem that way?
He climbs up my arm to my shoulder, and I feel the tickles as he nibbles at stray hairs, and my earrings. Or does it only seem that way?
He’s here, still. Very much here. Not gone so far I’ll never see him but in memories. Right here, he sits, on my shoulder. Absolutely. Not limp in my hands. He flew, not fell. I’m not scared to open my eyes and see. Or does it only seem that way?

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When I was in elementary school I was certain that people who went to school to be teachers really hated kids. By the time I graduated high school I was pretty sure I had been correct all along. Wonder if I was right, or did it just seem that way.

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Did I make up this answer because by the time I had figured out the purpose of this I was already bored? Or does it only seem that way?

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I can’t get out of my house this morning because the snow is backed up on my drive.
Or does it only seem that way?
My SO has been shoveling the snow away for the past hour, so I guess it must be that way… or does it only seem that way?!?

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I am 12 years old. I think too much. I think very deeply. I think that no-one else thinks like me. Maybe you’re all just like complicated computers. You can all get on with life, you know what you’re supposed to be doing…and you do it. You don’t think, you just get on with it. There’s no fear or panic or thought. Perhaps you don’t feel emotion at all. Or perhaps only on a superficial level. I am alone in here and perhaps I am alone out there too. Perhaps I am the only one that thinks like me? I look in the mirror and I don’t know who I am…that person in the mirror isn’t the person in my head. My head feels like it will explode when I think like this…or does it only seem that way?

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@DancingMind I loved that! Much GA. Like a prose poem. Thank you all. Very nice. It all seems to make a point of some kind. Or does it only seem that way?

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There were various times in my life where I tried to convince myself that someday politics would evolve to a point where ethics and morality actually played a part in decision making regarding our government’s policies and procedures. Instead, our system of politics is permanently mired in degenerative hopelessness. Or does it only seem that way?

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Did the rich just steal more money from “we the people” or does it just seem that way?

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He stared directly at me with his icy blue eyes. They said that he wnted to be with me forever. He wanted to love me as much as I loved him. Or did it just seem that way?

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Is the sun burning through my eyes or does it just seem that way? I’m faced with a philosophical conundrum as to whether or not I can trust my senses, which are telling me nothing inherently illogical. Nevermind, I’m blind.

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I genuinely don’t understand this question. I have a lot of schoolwork to get to, so I don’t have another 15 minutes to figure it out now.

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@Fred931… or does it only seem that way?

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