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How would you rate yourself at gift wrapping?

Asked by ucme (46545points) December 6th, 2010

On a 1/10 scale, one being hopeless & ten being…well, a great big show off! Me, i’m a shameful & undeniable one! Absolutely suck at it. So much so that I gave up years ago. The wife wraps all the kids Xmas goodies. I mean, obviously I wrap her prezzies, but it’s understood that the parcel will resemble something looking like it’s been “shot with shit!” It’s what’s inside the wrapping that counts…...thank god. So go on, rate yourself & put me to shame. Be honest now!

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I would have to say I am fine if the package is a normal shape maybe a 6 there. But if it is at all odd then a 2.

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I rate myself a 2.That’s ok though.One should not judge a present by it’s paper towel wrapping paper….right??

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@lucillelucillelucille You are indeed correct ;¬}

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@ucme—Could you say that again?....This time with feeling?? XD

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Definitely a 2 – I wrap everything into a candy shape – you know, just roll it and put ribbons on either end with ends left alone.

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I would say a 7. I enjoy wrapping gifts and being creative with my gift wrapping, so they usually come out looking pretty decent. Not always, though.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir lol, I love the candy shaped gifts. You never know what’s going to be inside. :)

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@lucillelucillelucille XD Fuckin A girl…..touchy feely enough for ya :¬)

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I would have to put myself as a 7. Sometimes I just can’t get it right, but then I figure it out and there’s no problem!

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If I take a moment to really concentrate and focus on doing it right, I could be about a 6 or 7. But, who has time for that? Gimme some tape, and I’ll slap on a bow; this thing is coming out as a 3 at best.

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@lucillelucillelucille You just shook my monitor & no it’s not meant as a euphemism :¬)

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4. I suck. The paper gets crumpled and the tape goes everywhere. By the end it doesn’t even look like a present

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Next to my brothers’ atrocious attempts at wrapping, my parcels look like a six or seven. Our mum is an auctioneer on eBay and can package perfectly in mere minutes. The presents she wraps look professionally done; she is definitely a higher number, a nine or eight at least. Though lately she has taken to tossing our gifts in a bag with minimal tissue paper.

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I’m kind of proud to say I’m probably a 7 too. Proud because I think I’m 7. Not as proud of the fact that I’m only at 7 because I was taught very precisely how to wrap presents. I can make it neat and tidy without any extra and without any tape of the gift itself.
When my sister and I are wrapping side by side, we’re both probably bumped up to between 8 and 9. Our fingers are there for the other’s bow needs, and without even meaning to we start competing, sort of, on who can make the best and most original wrapping job .. haha

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I am the reason ‘gift bags’ were invented.

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Put me down as a 0. Pre-schoolers can do a better job than I can.

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You see, with me it’s the flappy triangular faffy bits. I have the tape ready then the offending bit of paper bounces out of position. I’ve been known to place my chin on the “flaps” whilst attempting & failing epically to anchor the bugger down with the by now unsticky tape. No wonder I bloody gave up :¬(

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If you’re ever planning to get me a gift, @ucme, just take a video of you wrapping a gift for someone else, and send that to me instead (no wrap required).

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I can do a pretty nice wrap job, but, I prefer Xmas bags, lots of tissue paper and streaming ribbons. Easy!

Of course I spent like 25 years wrapping until sunrise on Xmas morning, sooo, I take the easy way out these days. haha

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@CyanoticWasp Yeah it’s pretty shocking stuff. Although the wife, to her credit, does piss herself laughing at my incompetent fumbling. This despite the monumental wastage of paper & sticky tape.

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I’m pretty much a gift bag person. I’d like to say that it’s because they’re re-usable and more eco-friendly, but the truth is I’m just lazy.

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Oh I have to be 10½.
I spend so much time wrapping the gifts, then all the ribbon and bows of course.
My SO often says to me ‘you’re not wrapping the crown jewels you know’.
But I like my gifts to look pretty… for the men they get blue paper and blue bows!!

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I’m a one, I use too much tape… so much so my nephews & nieces have been tied up for hours trying to get into their gifts, once they become unstuck themselves they start to make a little progress :-/
I also get the gift tags mixed up too! :-/

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I give myself an 8. I am very good at the wrapping, but not fantastic at making homemade bows, things like that. I love wrapping gifts, but rarely do it.

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Lousy. I think I failed “cutting and pasting” in kindergarten. :-)

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My skills rate about a seven if I put my mind to it. I prefer gift bags now that my kids are grown.

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On average a 7, but when I’m really motivated maybe a 9. I really like to wrap presents.

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Finally! I’m a 10 at something. I use to wrap packages at a department store during the holidays, so I had to learn to wrap professionally.

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I’d say I’m about an 8 with an occasional 10. I love wrapping presents and almost always put bows on them and sometimes ribbons too.

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@BoBo1946 A magnificent score :¬)

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2. And my mother is like an 11, so I always feel lots of shame about it.

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I tried to put my nephew to work wrapping some presents for our family one year. He told me that he couldn’t wrap but I said oh nonsense just do it. That poor guy really couldn’t grasp the concept and or just didn’t want to do it. It was painful to watch him struggle so I told him to put his hands up in the air and slowly back away from the packages. You don’t have to make a big deal out of wrapping. Just tape on the wrapping paper and slap on a bow and your are good. I’ll be generous and give myself a 5½ score.

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On a scale of 1/10, I am piss.

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I’m a life long crafter, so I usually get up to 9, but hardly ever 10, I use too much tape.

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Honestly, I’d be in the 8 to 9 range. I could be a 10 if I fussed more than I do, but there’s a rational limit. It’s not about showing off. It’s about making the gift a wonderful experience for the recipient.

To me the wrapping is part of the present. There’s a relationship of some kind between what’s inside and how it looks outside, and there’s plenty of color coordination and creative variation. I will wrap dozens of gifts and no two will be alike.

My mother was a wonderful gift wrapper, and she taught me very young. I enjoy doing it. I put on some seasonal music, pour a glass of wine, and wrap for hours at a stretch.

But this is not one of the joys of the season to everyone. For some it is just a chore. I don’t judge their wrapping jobs, but I do love to open a present from my son, whom I taught as a little guy and who is better at it than I.

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i’d give myself a 9.

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I know technically how to do it, but neither Harvey Nicks nor Neiman Marcus will be ringing me for a job as a Holiday giftwrapper anytime soon.

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2. My packages look like they were wrapped by monkeys, so I just stick my presents in gift bags with pretty tissue paper.

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