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Anyone remember this show - the Barbapapas?

Asked by Jude (32134points) December 6th, 2010

“Clickity click, Barba trick!”

It was from the mid 70’s. We had to watch it in both French and English here in Ontario, Canada. One of my favorite kid’s shows (I forgot all about until someone posted it on Facebook).

(scroll down to watch video)

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I clicked on the link and it was a “page not found” sorta page… Flag and edit?

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Huh, I always thought it was lickety split, Barba Trick!

They repeated it in the 80s on TVO, I think. I watched it as a kid too, and I’m 30.

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Haha yeeeeah I remember that…kinda freaky, but cool. I like how the mother is just…this black shape lmao. Man she’s so goth. This show completely owns The Adam’s Family.

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Born in 1990 and I remember, but barely.

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Huub huub huub, Barba truuk.

That’s what they said in the Dutch dub. It sounds dumb to a Dutch person, too.
They broadcast it in the nineties, just in time for me to watch it as a kid.

I liked Vicky the Viking more.

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@Fyrius Haha I remember that show, it was awesome.

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Welke had nou die molen die tegelijk een raket was?

(which one was it with the windmill that was also a rocket?)

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@Zyx – Dr. Snuggles?

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Dr. Snuggles sounds right.

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