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Should I get a software patent?

Asked by ben (8770points) November 9th, 2006
The expense and time are unappealing, but my small startup may want one down the road. How much will it really cost? How long will it take? Will I ever really use it? Aren't they sort of unethical?
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To maintian a patent in the major countries around the world ca cost >$200,000 per year. There are maintenance fees on top of filinf fees.
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Yes, yes, yes
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You should get a software patent.
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It's not super expensive. I mean, Amazon and Microsoft and IBM have millions and millions of those things, right?
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It can't be so insanely expensive.
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but if you don't get a software patent, you will get screwed
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or at least, that's a major possibility.
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Is it unethical? Maybe: but the unethical part is forcing other people to pay you, or preventing innovation from happening. Pre-emptively preventing yourself from losing your own creation just seems smart.
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the patent fees for just the U.S. aren't too expensive; the legal fees for obtaining one, i.e., "prosecuting" your case with the Patent Examiners can run into the tens of thousands or more.
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it will take around 5 years.
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One consideration to keep in mind is whether people can easily get around it. A patent gives you the right to exclude others from making, using or selling your invention. If someone can use your process by running a server in Singapore, it may not be worth getting a patent.
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what is the downside from getting a patent? Is it really that expensive?

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