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I broke a rib a few years. It healed without any intervention. Same rib broke again the other night.

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) April 6th, 2008

I’m not sure why this happened. I don’t think I did anything to damage it. It hurt when I had woke up in the morning. It hurts kinda bad if I apply pressure. I will go to the doctor ASAP in the morning. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to ease the pain? I would try Advil, but I am out and don’t want to bike to the store if it won’t help.

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Can you get someone to bring you Advil?

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Try ripping up a tee shirt and tying it around the sore area to support it – Broken ribs hurt whatever you do.

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any advil bearing neighbors?
a broken rib is like, a pretty big deal…

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I fell off my porch in the dark and broke three ribs..after 6 days in hospital on morphine, I was sent home w. a walker. I had to take two tylenol in order to get out of bed and to bathroom. Don’t, whatever you do, cough or sneeze.

Docs didn’t even tape the ribs. It took time and patience, but the pain made it easier to be patient.

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I tried my sister and she isn’t home. So I am out of luck in that department.

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Sometimes a pharmacy will deliver if you explain that it is a crisis.

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@corn, if it was your rib, you would not find your response funny.

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Thanks Gail…

And I did end up walking around knocking on doors. After a few tries someone gave me some. I took four about 20 minutes ago and feel much better.

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@John: too late now, but you don’t want to OD on Advil either. Can you spend a few days lying down? Sane dosage is 2 Advil every 8 hrs (max. 6/ 24 hrs). At least, eat something (a cracker) or drink a little milk before swallowing. You don’t want those Advil dropping onto the same spot on the lining of your stomach. That leads to bleeding.

You could fiddle around with an ace bandage also. You put it on and when THAT pain gets too bad, you take it off. At least, it is a distracting activity.

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I had some toast with the pills. My doctor recommended the dosage I am taking when I strained my wrist last year. It isn’t ideal, but I should be OK. It feels good now. I wasn’t sure if Advil would help, it does.

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John, I find it odd that the same rib should break. Usually when fractures knit, there is extra calcium at the fracture site. Under any circumstances, roll over gently. And grit your teeth for the next 5/6 weeks if rib is actually broken and not bruised.


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Like I said. I haven’t been to the doctor yet. It could be bruised. I don’t know. But I do know it feels the same as the first time it had broke.

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Rx strength of advil/motrin is 800mg, which is what he took with food. If he had called the doc (as before) betcha that’s what they would’ve have told him to get him through till the morning.

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john Powell, if I could I’d drop off some of my ibuprofen800 milligram to you. Feel better.

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ive broke the same rib or couple of ribs prolly 4–5 times. it hurts to cough and laugh. pretty much plan on suffering a few weeks. the doctor want do shit about it unless its stabbing you in the lung. if they like you maybe youll get dome vicodin

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