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Can you give me advice about the "ADD Test"?

Asked by meagan (4650points) December 7th, 2010

A few weeks ago I made a post asking about Adult ADD.
I eventually made a Dr’s appointment and went!

He tried to schedule an appointment to have me “tested” for ADD in another Hospital.

Any Adults here with experience with ADD, and the testing?
What should I expect??
I’ve heard some people say that it takes HOURS, and is really invasive.

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It was a battery of psychological tests. It took about 3 hours to complete. I do remember that towards the end, I burst out laughing and said that I couldn’t focus to process what they were asking in the questions.

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@BarnacleBill Did they conclude that you had ADD?
I’m honestly afraid that they’ll tell me I have manic depression, rather than ADD. And I’d really rather not come to terms with that.
The battery of tests is intimidating.

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@meagan, oh yes. I pretty much knew for some time that I was, starting back in the 90’s when there as a newspaper article about adult ADD in our paper. My manager at the time cut the article out of the paper, highlighted certain sentences, and wrote “see me about this.” When I went into his office, he said that reading the article made him realize that my chronic tardiness (10 -15 minutes late) and the stacks of things in my office were probably not deliberate, and that he would stop letting it bother him. He moved our Monday staff meeting to 9 am for everyone but me (it still showed up as 8:30 on my calendar) and had our office manager purchase a lot of bins for my office. Once a month, and intern filed things for me. Life was great after that. In spite of my perceived chaos, I had an amazing talent for juggling multiple projects at once, and did the work of 3 people; it was just never sequentially.

I’ve had several job since then. Tardiness is still an issue for me; I have a hard time gauging how long something will take to complete, and consistently underestimate. Work that requires following a process and repetitive tasks are like a death sentence to me. On the other hand, I thrive on unraveling chaos, and can deconstruct complex problems and design processes and systems in my sleep. Visio is my friend.

I have been on medication for it in the past, but it tends to flatten by ability to think.

The tests aren’t bad.

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@BarnacleBill When you are prescribed medication, does it go through the psychologist – or your general physician?

I’m guessing the tests are just like.. how is your life effected by the way you act, yadda yadda?
( I very much appreciate you answering, by the way. Thank you. )

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It was awhile ago, but I recall several word inventories, (30 words that describe you, 30 words how you think others would describe you), task sequencing exercises, digit span recall, short term memory. I don’t recall anything too painful or involving too much introspection.

Psychologists cannot prescribe medications. They made a recommendation and my GP wrote the actual script. In some practices, the psychologists are affiliated with a psychiatrist practices, and the psychiatrist writes the script.

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@BarnacleBill That’s odd, I have the exact opposite problem; I over-predict how much time things will take and arrive too early to everything. For example, I woke up at 3AM today (It’s 6:20AM as I write this) to do something for school which I had all month to do it in. Took me about an hour.

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Intense procrastination is part of it. I’ve been up since 3:30 too – been on Fluther, did two loads of laundry, vacuumed the steps, went to the grocery, paid bills online, walked the dog. I’m supposed to be at work at 8 am, but still have yet to take a shower, and will be late for work. The impression will be that I overslept.

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Just wanted to update that I went to the appointment and I do have ADHD. I appreciate the help. Thanks again. :)

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