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If there are two fathers & two sons living in the same ranch house, and they want to evenly divide 21 horses between them, how could they do this?

Asked by OleSicilian (8points) December 7th, 2010

Can you figure this one out?

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I’m gonna fall into a stupid trap here, I’m sure – but isn’t that just 7 horses a piece?

Edit – nevermind. Two fathers and two sons. Whoops.

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Grandpa, Dad, and Son each get seven horses.

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Awesome. I was right for totally the wrong reasons.

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You did not state their grandfather was also living there.

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@john65pennington – I don’t think he had to – that’s why it’s a fun little riddle.

Grandfather = Father 1
Son = Father 2, Son 1
Grandson = Son 2

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It is not a given that they are all part of the same family. They could be two separate families.
In fact, that is the more likely scenario here, so the correct answer is, each gets five horses, the last horse is killed, cut into 4, and each of the 4 people eats his part of the horse.

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21 horses @ 746 watts each = 15666 watts, or 15.666 KW. More than enough to run 4 widescreen TVs, 4 refrigerators, and 4 Barcalounger massage chairs. Are you ready for some football?

Well, the horse was already dead here…

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How fast can they pull against the chickens that were pulling the car? ?

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This is why I hate riddles. The answer is always something ridiculously obvious, but it hurts my brain way too much to get even close!

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Grind into mince and make horse burgers.

(Sorry, was that distasteful?)

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