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They say we all have stress and problems. Do you know of anyone who seems to have neither?

Asked by Aster (18981points) December 7th, 2010

Yeah, stress is everywhere and allegedly every single person is experiencing it. But do you doubt this when examining a friend of yours or a family member? Do you notice he/she has seemingly everything going great? Near perfect kid or happily childless,
perfect spouse or joyfully single, financial reserves, excellent health, a lovely home and car , lots of great friends and fun, nice vacations and you just can’t see any negatives with this person? Tell us about him/her.

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I sure do!
They’re dead ;)

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My s/o’s daughter in law seems to fill the bill. She is very popular, fantastic figure, great health,
her husband is very handsome and successful, they have three houses and two gorgeous sons. She goes on “girls’ trips” frequently and on paid trips by her H’s company. If this were not enough , her MIL gives them 100K checks to help her with her income taxes.

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@Aster Everybody has “a Thing”. It is not always visible.
Unless they’re dead.

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I agree they have “a thing” but a headache isn’t what I’m talking about. I mean true ongoing stress.

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This may seem irrelevant to any precise stressful situations, but in my french class my instructor claims that the French were relatively stress free until Americans introduced the adjective stressé to their lexicon. I think prolonged stress is unhealthy, but a little bit of stress can be a motivating factor.

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@Aster : Don’t kid yourself, the effort of maintaining such a lifestyle is deeply stressful. I know a number of people with “near perfect” lifestyles like that and the veneer of calm and happy is very thin.

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What maintenance do they need? She’s a stay at home mom which is what she always wanted. In fact, she was grouchy before they were born. But she gets to take breaks because her parents live in town . So when the co. wants to give them a trip to Key West she drops the kids off at her parent’s. Occasionally, the kids go with them.
I don’t see the deep stress. They dont live in luxury; just supreme comfort. I mean, he still mows with a huge riding mower and keeps up their rent houses.

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Everyone has issues. The people who seem not to just hide it well and don’t share their problems.

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@Lucille Lmao…..
No, I don’t. I know some people that think so, although they are simply ignoring their problems.

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@Aster : “If this were not enough , her MIL gives them 100K checks to help her with her income taxes.” At what emotional price? If things are so stress free why does she give them that much money? These are grown people. If they need that much money from a parent to maintain a lifestyle, there is something festering under the surface. “Checks” (plural) does not sound like a one-time helping hand.

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@JilltheTooth They do not need it. When a person earns over a certain dollar amount they are allowed to give cash gifts to reduce their taxes. In other words, give it to the kids instead of the government. They live in a different state from her. I assume they get one check per year. It helps the 70+ year old lady out.

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@Aster Shhh… Don’t tell a soul…. Her husband has a girlfriend in town.

And a coke problem. That’s why he’s sponging the 100k from mama.

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He can’t sponge from that lady. She is one tough cookie. No one takes a dime from her; she gives it freely. But…..if her handsome husband did have a girlfriend he has the sense to stash her out of state. No one the wiser. Of course , we could always speculate ad nauseum of the “issues” they could have.

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Well, I’m not usually stressed or having problems. Every now and then, yeah, but nothing long term. :\

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Enjoy it, Dominic
I, for one , believe you !!!

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@Aster : I don’t think that’s quite how the annual exclusion works. Even so, I think it’s very naive to assume that because people have money and a fairly lavish life-style, they have no stress.

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I would never think people with money have no stress!! And I don’t think of them as having a lavish lifestyle. I mean, the guy does have a full time job and two sons.
I’m really too old to be naive. lol I base my belief that they have almost no stress on knowing them and how they live. By that I mean they get free trips, they’re great parents, all four of them are very attractive and healthy and they have 3 houses (2 are rentals). Their sons are sweet, handsome and healthy. I can see that they’d have brief stress like if a son got sick with a virus or their car got stuck in snow. Minor things.
I have it easy in many ways but I have plenty of stress daily. It never ends, really.
How do you think the annual exclusion works? We’ve been minor beneficiaries of this before.

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“An individual donor can give up to $10,000 a year tax-free to any individual family member or friend. A husband and wife can give up to $20,000 per individual. Any amount over that limit is subject to a gift tax paid by the donor. You can, however, give more than $10,000 just as long as it doesnt exceed $10,000 per individual. For example, an individual donor can give $30,000 a year tax-free if $10,000 is given to three individuals.

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It seems to be human nature to find and focus on some level of stress or problems. I cannot think of anyone who is in dire straights though. There are plenty of stories in the news that allow me to appreicate what I currently have and not wallow in a puddle, and I think (or hope) that it is the same for those around me.

As my brother-in-law once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.” For those of us lucky enough to get ourselves out of the hole and find a better situation, I hope that we do so.

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The only people I know who no longer have stress are all dead! Even so called’‘perfect’’ people have stress, they are just keeping themselves together and not telling you about their problems.

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