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Do people vary in depth?

Asked by Soubresaut (11431points) December 7th, 2010

When you consider someone a deep person, what does that mean to you? And shallow?

I can think of people who I’d consider being one or the other, but I can’t figure out why that is. Maybe I’m just judging people before I get to know them, I don’t know…
When someone’s called deep—so then others aren’t as deep? Or they are?—but then what’s the point in saying someone’s deep, if everyone’s deep?

Do selves vary in depth or complexity? And why?

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Of course people vary in depth. Some people think about ‘deep’ stuff, although I wouldn’t call it deep, I would call it thinking. To some, deep is discussing child labor at work, and for others, deep is discussing what will happen when we die at work. I think some people just concentrate on whatever it takes to make a living, and that doesn’t require a lot of epistemological thought. Or some try to explore a wide range of things which gives them a better sense of reality. Both are beneficial, but a balance is preferred of course.

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Hopefully, everyone spends some time contemplating and questioning their existence and how the world functions. Some do it less than others, and are content to accept the status quo of their daily life, until something happens to upset the equilibrium. A lot of people are raised that to question things is wrong, and only breeds discontent and dissatisfaction. To accept the status quo is the path to contentment, whereas questioning breeds dissatisfaction.

To a lot of people, thinking about abstract concepts, such as justice, beauty, truth, is unnerving. They prefer to deal in the concrete.

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I think people do vary but I think people can also seem less complicated ad on the surface they actually are when you get to know them, as you touched in your details, you may be judging people without knowing much about them. That has happened to me and I have been proved wrong more often than I would care to admit. Still waters really can run deep sometimes.

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