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Is lurve a basis for competition between friends for any of you?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) December 8th, 2010

…cause it is for me. And I am getting shellacked!

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Never occurred to me, no. Not at all.

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Not for me… Just answer the questions and see what happens.

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Uh….. no.

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Npoe, never paid that much attention to it. It was nice to party at 10Kand with other 10Ker’s, but that was about it.

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Nah. It’s not a fair competition because there are too many variables.
I just compare the number of people following me to the number following my friends.

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note: all answers here are from those in 6-figure-ville….with nothing left to prove? I kid, I kid. I hear ya, it shouldn’t be about lurve….but it is. Points are the mark of something on this site, are they not?

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Definitely not for me. And it never was, even when I was in 2-figure-ville. (Nobody has gone over 5 figures yet, by the way. Nobody is even close to 100,000.)

Points are a mark of something, yes, but people differ as to what. That should tell you something right there.

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@JonnyCeltics In a race between tortoise and hare, Fluther puts its bets on the tortoise. The lurve is really a mark of seniority if anything.
You get lurve for every day you log in, and you get lurve for being followed by people. Regardless of how amazing your responses/questions are here, you’ll get a lot of lurve over time from these two.

There’s a maximum amount of lurve you can get from a specific user (100). If you write absolutely mindblowingly great responses/questions over the course of a month, you’re likely to get capped on these users, and not really get much more lurve.
But if you play the “slow and steady” game, you won’t get capped for as many users, given how people come and go.

Additionally, there’s a maximum amount of lurve you can get on an answer (25). After the 5th “GA”, you don’t get any more on that response. So if you write responses that get 20 GAs, you’re still getting your score just as high as someone who consistently gets 5 GAs, even though more people appreciated yours than theirs.

You could try looking at (Lurve/Length of membership), but that doesn’t factor in the user’s participation. Some of my favorite users barely write a single response per week, but every one that they do is just astounding.
You could try looking at (Lurve/Responses), but that doesn’t factor in the lurve gained from writing questions. And there certainly are users who have high question:answer ratios. So that’s an unfair comparison as well.

They really should make it easier for me to boast about how much better than everyone else I am. I’ll have to see what I can do about this.
I may’ve spent way too much time on this response.

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Not for me.

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No, not really.

but yes, you are getting shellacked.

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The only competitive bone in my body is on a croquet course. When it comes to Fluther, it’s more important to give either a helpful, honest answer, and other Jellies are better at providing helpful advice than I am. The reason I hang out is to read others’ point of views rather then giving my own. It’s a personal learning experience every day I log in. That is the reason I stay.

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So then what does lurve mean to you? Perhaps that is the next place this question/discussion can go. Do you agree w/@sarcasms’ notion that it marks seniority. Is not the nature of hierarchy status, competition, inspiration (Darwin anyone?)?

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@jlelandg approves of this message…and I’ll still lurve you.

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My Fluther date and I use it to decide who gets to be on top. Does that count?

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Nope, only between me and me. I keep track in my private journal of each milestone.

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I’m competing for the least lurve to word ratio. It seems short funny answers get the most lurve – and given they’re short you can get lots of lurve fast and move on to another question—mining the lurve. I think I’m at good odds of winning this :)

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Not at all and @Sarcasm explained it. Your actual lurve/respect isn’t reflected in the official score. The questions I’m attracted to often attract the same cast of characters and we might lurve each other up but none of it counts toward the endgame. We’re capped out on each other and that’s ok.
I still like getting the GAs, of course, and I’m generous handing them out because it’s about the enjoyment and camaraderie.
—of course, I’ll sing a different tune when I get my mansion invite (before you :P)

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@phoebusg I’m competing for the least lurve to word ratio. It seems short funny answers get the most lurve. The line forms behind me.

@Jeruba Definitely not for me. And it never was, even when I was in 2-figure-ville. Wow, even when you were between 10 and 99??

@worriedguy My Fluther date and I use it to decide who gets to be on top. Does that count? Best answer ever!

@JonnyCeltics Your account is 2.5 years old and you’re at 1300 lurve…maybe you should try a little harder.

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@FutureMemory your negativity kinda stinks

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No negativity here, bro. Just kiddin’ with ya.


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I quit Fluther so I wouldn’t reach 10000 and have one of those annoying “Welcome to the mansion” bullshit fests. Do they still do those?

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@Sueanne_Tremendous You should find out shortly my dear . . .

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@Sueanne_Tremendous They still do those. If you continue expressing your distaste for them though I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.

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@FutureMemory that was my first flutherhug

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@JonnyCeltics Nice one to lose your cherry to.

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Removed by me. I must be blind not to see the reference I was mystified by.

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It was painless if anybody cares to know

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No no, haha. What happened was I responded to you by saying “what hug?” because I’m so blind I didn’t see it/remember I said that to you. So after I DID notice, I felt like a dummy and edited my post.

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For the most part, i see it as a measure of time. with 10k being about a year, give or take.

@Sueanne_Tremendous So it’s not just me

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I’m not on here for lurve. I’m more interested in people’s responses and a chance to have interesting discussions on certain topics. If I got money for lurve then maybe I would care more.

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@Paradox exactly. I’m here because there’s questions in a decent interface.

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I saw @Sueanne_Tremendous when I was a lurker. Adore her answers and I’ll take her party.
So y’all when she hits 10 k send it to me.

Then I’ll be sure to beat @JonnyCeltics to the grounds,... I’ll make sure @Sueanne_Tremendous has the best single-wide on the river and we will all be happy!

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Not for me.

My primary opponent is my own mortality.

If each point of lurve equaled 1 millennium of good health added to my lifespan, I’d take a break and try to get my wife to join.

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No I’m just here to ask and answer questions. Why should it be a competition?

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Ha, we used to have fun spirited competitions to see who would hit the higher goals first on another website I used to be part of. Some people were point whores, but most of the time, what they did while point whoring was absolutely hilarious. I miss that sometimes…

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@Blueroses – I know it, she’s awesome. I’ve always secretly harbored a little crush. :)

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Yes. Lurve is everything.

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FInally, someone….! Thx @seazen

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As you can see by avatar, it’s entirely possible.

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All you need is lurve.

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