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I want to buy a new laptop, but which?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I am due for a new laptop, mine is 4 years old and kinda beat up, I used it in college. Its a mac iBook g4. Now I’m not set on another mac but since I have an iPhone and all my graphic programs are for a mac, that’s what I am leaning towards. Now I don’t have alot to spend, can you guys recomend the cheapest and best laptop for a graphic designer. Mac or windows is cool.

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if you’re a graphic designer and you have money invested in your design software, it will be cheapest to buy another mac. the entry-level macbooks are reasonably priced and more powerful than any other computer at the same price point.

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do u guys no any prices and specifics? Or just what I can look at online for more info.

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yeah, I have a 3 year old g4 with a cracked screen that I’m about to replace. I’m leaning towards the white 2.4ghz MacBook with increased ram and harddrive, and people on fluther have been telling me to get the ram through a third party, because mac wants $400 for the upgrade. I’m debating that one. But yeah, check out the apple store link above.

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my laptop still works. But it could use some repair. The disk drive makes it hard to pull out the cd sometimes. Also the frame around the display is cracked due to a wall getting in my way while I was drunk heh. Aside from that its fine though oh and a new battery and charger would be good. I wonder if just replacing some of those and an upgrade to the new Os would be more cost efficient?

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yeah, my iBook is still usable, I can only see half the screen though. I guess the situation is different, it’ll cost me around $600 to bring my current laptop back to its former slow-as molasis-but-at-least-I-can-see-the-time glory, let alone give it the TLC it deserves. If the screen weren’t broken, I think I would consider some upgrades instead too. No harm in hauling to an apple store and having them give you an estimate of the work you’d have done vs. the cost of the new computer you want, and the performance difference.

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If its in your budget you could build one or have one buit to your specifications and needs. Personaly I prefer to build my own or at least choose what I have installed into the laptop/computer.. That way I know what kind of hardware I have. Sometimes whats in them stock is crap..

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Try desktop:

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I think a MacBook will be a nice upgrade. You will be getting a huge processor boost, the new MacBook design, etc. They were just updated with penryn processors too. the 2.1ghz entry level is a very capable machine (unless you need dvd burning, then bump it up to the next model).

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MacBook as well. I think it’s time. Make sure to buy it refurbished from the Apple Store. Great deals, all my Macs are refurbs.

And get your RAM from MemoryX. Screaming deals again, quality product.

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Same here MacBook as well and I am getting one next month so hope this helps.

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definitely MacBook*strong*

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sorry about the strong

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If you’re happy with your G4’s performance, you could certainly get a new battery and charger for much less than a new laptop. That said, Apple’s current laptop line is MUCH more powerful and capable than what you have now. Having supported hundreds of Macs, we have fewer issues with MacBook Pros than with regular MacBook’s, but get AppleCare and you’ll be fine either way.

FWIW, the latest rumors are that Apple will be releasing something new in September. Many people speculate that it’ll be new laptops since they haven’t been redesigned in quite a while.

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