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What's the smartest and dumbest breed of dog?

Asked by buster (10244points) April 6th, 2008

a lot of breeds seem smart. bassett hounds seem pretty dumb.

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Definitely the breed with updog in its blood.

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supposedly, poodles and jack russell terriers are the the smartest.

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Border Collies and German Shepherds <smartest>

As far as the dumbest dog, I would say any dog that’s not well socialized would be perceived as such. According to this website, , the Afghan Hound ranks as dumbest.

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I love me a good Cur

Smartest dog – all of them mixed together!

Dumbest dog – all of them mixed together!

Also, any dog that has “papers” has been inbred out the Wazoo!

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my purebread maltese is as dumb as a doornail. And really old. He’s 15.
My german shepard was so smart.

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bulbatron you are the link-king!!

Inbred? My Maltese was inbred? :( i love him anyways.

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pomeranians are the horniest mostly to hump your leg dog

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My boyfriends bulldog humped EVERYTHING. He was a good dog, though (besides the humping) someone stole him, :(

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this old lady i know has a pomeranian and he has a blanket he drags around and he wads him up a crease and goes at it. i

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@buster Is your Shift Key broken, and what about those commas?

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the commas are “ninjas”.. they are there, :-)~ ‘ninja commas ftw’

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Boxer all the way! I’ve had 2 and 1 of the was a freakin genius the other witch happened to be my favorite was super dumb he was 3 y/o and never could figure out the stairs lol when he would walk down them he would curl up his back feet and walk on his front paws and coming up the was a trip too his legs would fall through the stairs hahaha I even have video of it!

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The data seems to vary a bit, but these were consistently in the top 10 for smartest:

1. Border Collie
2. Poodle
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman Pinscher
6. Shetland Sheepdog
7. Labrador Retriever
8. Papillon
9. Rottweiler
10. Australian Cattle Dog

And these were in the bottom 10 for dumbest:

69. Bullmastiff
70. Shih Tzu
71. Basset Hound
72. Mastiff
73. Pekingese
74. Bloodhound
75. Borzoi
76. Chow Chow
77. Bulldog
78. Basenji
79. Afghan Hound

So I’d say overall, that’s your list in no particular order within the groups.

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The absolute dumbest dog I ever owned was a cocker spaniel. He was beautiful, but oh man, was he dumb.

I had a Dalmatian who was deaf , and he was a very smart dog. He understood signs and obeyed them.

My current darling is a Welsh terrier. He is extremely smart.

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I’ve worked with all of the breeds in Spargeetts list and most of them are dead on as a generalization

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Greyhounds are pretty dumb.

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my sister had a Yorkshire terrier; you take him out for a walk for an hour, he would come back in the house and take a dump on the rug. He did not know any tricks (commands), we were unable to teach him how to sit. Just a real dopey dog. Smartest, any mutt, or stray dog that survives on the streets for a long time.

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In my personal experience with dogs, the Border Collie is the smartest, and Old English Sheepdogs are the dumbest.

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What # is Malteses on the Smartest and Dumbest list? What # is it? Thank you.

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