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What's the best way to celebrate some REALLY amazing, life changing, nobel prize level good news?

Asked by lilakess (789points) April 10th, 2007
A fancy dinner, new pair of cuff links, they don't seem like enough...
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You're not going to tell us what that 21gun salute news is? Please share.
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Trip to Europe.
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Buy a piece of art. If you choose well, the work itself will be meaningful and it will remind you of this time in your life.
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as a visual artist, i second that thought!
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I agree with the art piece suggestion. It remains and is always a reference to that particular moment in time when it was purchased.
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I think you should combine the two: trip to Europe to buy a fabulous piece of art.
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i like the idea of a trip, but i think you should go somewhere youve never gone before, not necessarily to Europe.

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def art lives forever. especially if it is an original one of a kind (not a print or mass produced). and then when you hang it you will forever remember and others will comment on it. or even a sculpture if not a painting.

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Plant a tree

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