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What does everybody think on Slipknot's decision to continue without Paul?

Asked by TrkReznor (704points) December 9th, 2010

Paul Gray of Slipknot died a few months back which put the band on hiatus. Paul was the bass player and one of the founding members of Slipknot. Slipknot’s “All Hope Is Gone” album wasn’t to great neiter was “Subliminal Verses” (altho alright). Slipknot’s first two albums had balls though. But now they want to record a 5th album without replacing Paul, even onstage. How do Slipknot fans out there feel about this?

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Slipknot is not nearly of the same stature of, say; Led Zeppelin, Queen, or INXS. Going on without the guy is a lot different than finding a replacement. Wait and see how they sound before you prononce an adverse judgement.
(Better answer than “Who gives a shit?”, which was my initial reaction)

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I heard this upcoming album is also going to be their last, a combination of goodbye to their fans and commemorate the memory of Paul. Hopefully, they do so with some style.

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Ya, if it’s a goodbye then I think it might combine Subliminal Verses and All Hope Is Gone. Hopefully, they put some old school stuff in there. Just to honor Paul.

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