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If you were a kid now, what do you imagine would be on your christmas wish list?

Asked by ucme (50037points) December 9th, 2010

Do you think any of todays toys would have done anything for the child you once were? Or games consoles, laptops, gadgets that make anything of years gone by pale in comparison.Transfer your thoughts to your childhood & relay what he/she may have thought about the modern counterparts on offer. I loved the simplicity of cars & guns board games & footballs, bikes & skateboards. However, if I was a kid now…..whoo hoo! Let me at em.

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A nerf gun.

Wait, I think I might actually want one now.

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I still want a f’n pony.

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I am a kid and a pogo stick is on my Christmas wish list.

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Transformers action figures.

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@lucillelucillelucille When I was 2 or 3 all I wanted for christmas was a white plastic horse. It was $2 and I wasn’t allowed to have it. I suspect this is why I am fearful of horses.

I would/do want a robot and maybe some Lego. Oh and books. And a dragon.

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Here is a great way to find out! Barcode Hero

PS: I would want roller skates.

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I would want an ipod.

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I think an Xbox 360 and an iPad would have been sufficient.

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A unicycle and the ability to heal as quickly as I did as a kid for when I lose my balance.

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I’d have wanted a horse, of course!

Now I’ll go with ‘Santa baaaby, hurry down the chimney toniiiight…’ with checks lol

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Legos, easily. The second thing would probably be some CD’s.

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As a kid I always had video game related things on my list, new games for the atari, a nintendo and so on. With that in mind, my list would no doubt contain a PS3, maybe a new CPU or another external hard drive.

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I would want a Pleo

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Airsoft pistol- I had a BB gun.
Celly- I bought my own phone line & cord phone for my room.
Snowboard- I had rollerskates & skateboards.
Xbox- I played a ton of board games.
Ipod Touch- So much better than Etch ‘a Sketch or walkie talkies.
RC helicopter or plane- beats out Mighty Mo Dump Truck
ATV- I had a John Deere peddle tractor.
Laptop- I had a typewriter.

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@downtide I saw that on another Fluther post and thought about buying one for my SO. If I did, I’d get moved down on the priority list.

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Luckily, one of my children is still pretty young, 7…and a boy. We ALL have the cool nerf guns!

I like some of the artsy stuff they have out now. I’m still a lego and play-doh girl; but, the magic air dry stuff is pretty cool. I know I’d ask for the small RC Helicopters. Especially the two that can target each other. OOOOOOOHHH and I want a marshmallow gun. Don’t ask, I just do.

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As a child I always wanted a horse, so I’m sure that would be on the list. I would love to go to Disneyland.

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@YARNLADY If I were Santa, I’d make sure you got the horse…and all the stuff to take care of him or her.

still love those bunny ears!

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I’m 16 and I already want parts to work on my car with.

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Gibson SG and a Marshall Stack….never got them!

Schwinn Banana Peeler Bike….Never got it either. I was a pretty good kid too! Damn no good Santa! :(

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@cak We have all the big Nerf guns too, and have battles around the house and yard. Those things are so much fun!

If I was a little kid, I’d probably want the same kinds of things I wanted as a little kid way back in the 80’s. A bike, but not a girls’ bike. A boys’ dirt bike. A microscope, only now I’d want one that would connect to the computer or to a digital camera! Probably some Wii games, one of those Razor scooters or whatever they’re called.

And a pony. I never got my damn pony either!

As an older kid, I’d totally want an iPod, a cell phone, a digital camera, a Nintendo DSi, a Flip video camera. Hey, those are all the things my daughter wants! She might even get one of them! :)

@kenmc My kids all asked for Legos, especially the youngest. His main present this year is that huge walker thing (in Lego) from Star Wars. You know, the one Luke blows up at the beginning of Empire Strike’s Back. He’s also getting Bubble Fat’s Boba Fett’s ship, which he’s been asking for almost his whole life (he’s five). I know he’s getting other Legos, and my other two kids are also getting multiple Lego sets. I told my husband he needs to take several days off work to help assemble these things! My daughter’s main wish is to get the Lego Hogwarts castle, but when I went to try to get it today it was out of stock everywhere. Even online! Almost all of the Harry Potter Legos are either out of stock or drastically overpriced. I’m so bummed. She’s probably going to get her 2nd choice of a DSi and have to wait until her birthday for the Legos.

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Assuming I am ~10:
A new bike.
iPod Touch.
Lots of blank notebooks to write in.

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@MissAusten – OOOOOhhh… son would be drooling right now. It’s the Slave One. yes, I just revealed my inner Star Wars geek. We got Hagrid’s Hut, but that’s it, and were lucky to get that one. Hopefully, since both our children (yes, even the 16yr old wants the Legos) are in late winter, early spring – we will be able to get those things then.

I wanted a BMX Bike, but I got a pink 3-speed, instead. I hold my head in shame.

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I still like LEGOS but somewhere along the way they became toys instead of building bits. I kind of miss the plain shapes people used to make such neat stuff from. I know I’m not the only one who made roadside buildings for my Hot Wheels tracks.

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@Neizvestnaya: We still love them just to build whatever we want. We have a Lego Store near us and the wall of Legos is a wonderful thing. You can fill your own box of Legos. Heck yeah! Use those, build buildings then add something to create an incline roll the car down and let it crash into a bunch of stuff!

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Go. To. Lego Store.

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Probably a Wii and Zelda games.

I got an easy bake oven a few years ago. The one that I had when I was younger was thrown on because it had a melted Barbie head in it.

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@MissAusten Legos are awesome. But if I may make a suggestion, let the kids build the kits all on their own. It does wonders for the self esteem to build an Empirial (spelling?) Walker all by yourself. And it teaches patience. When they have to dig for hours to find that one piece that they’ll need but seems to not exist.

@Neizvestnaya My first lego set was the bucket of random pieces. I absolutely loved it. And I was shopping with my parents a few days ago, and I decided to check out the legos. There were no more buckets of assorted pieces. It was all the kits. It’s tragic, really. Imagination stifling bullshit.

@cak A lego store? F’ing sweet!

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@Kayak8 O__MG——WTF B—B—Q

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@kenmc I don’t know many 5 year olds that can build the Emperial Walker by themselves! My son can put together some of the sets that are rated for kids a little older than he is, but the AT AT is for kids 14 and up. Getting to work on such a project with Daddy is just as awesome as doing something all by yourself. :) What I find really cool is when my kid pauses Star Wars Lego on the Wii to build a “mini” version of whatever ship is on the screen. This shows some of them. I bet other Star Wars geeks can tell what ships they are supposed to be!

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If I were a kid now, which the question asked, I’d want a computer and a cellphone!

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You can still buy buckets of Legos. They can be hard to find in some stores, but they are available from the Lego website. You can also buy Legos by the pound on eBay. We were lucky to be able to give our kids all the Legos my husband had as a child, plus we’ve been adding to them over the past several years. The kids build the sets, play with them, and eventually take them apart to build new things. Legos are still the bestest toys ever!!

If I were a kid today, I’d also want a trampoline. And a pony.

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@Kayak8 – That is one of my favorite websites. I LOVE getting oddball presents from there and they are the hit of the list, every single time!

@kenmc – yep…seems like when we walk in we hear, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” It’s perfect!.

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