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Ever feel like you just can't do it anymore?

Asked by iSteve (1154points) April 6th, 2008
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All the time. Doesn’t mean that you can stop, though.

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yea and then nothin happens just time pasts by. Keep moving even its sideways

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yes, all the time. But then I snap back to reality.

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what is “it”?

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haha I just realized isteve didn’t really clarify “it”... I just assumed life in general.

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Welcome to the club called life. The password is “not fair”.

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Hell yeah, right now as a matter of fact. I . am. done.

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Keep moving forward, even if it is one step forward and .99 steps back. @iSteve. I think you’re cool!

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God yes! That’s my mood in general. I jest. But, as everyone else has answered, there are times when you question the futility of your existence. I like to console myself with a melancholly record and just slag on. Chin up. Chin up.

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I do not think I can’t do it, I just think I do not want to do it. Like cornman said just keep moving forward…

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Sure, everyone does at one time or another. It’s what you do about it once you feel that way. You can lay down and be miserable about or acknowledge it, make a plan to fix it and smile because life is too short to choose to miserable. Happiness is a choice we make. So, what are you waiting for?

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“Lay down and be miserable” shouldn’t be skipped. You know
consciously that you’re exhausted. Get some rest BEFORE you pull it together.
Don’t just be American about this! Animals need rest! Treat yourself to some moaning
and self-pity. Then – as everyone has encouraged you to do – you can pick yourself up and get back in the race. But you’ll feel honest. Good for you. Great question.

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Do it? You mean life? Are you suicidal?

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I feel like that right now. I was recently diagnosed as bipolar and I’ve been feeling really down ever since. My doctor wants me to try medication but it kinda scares me.

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@sable. Going out on a long, long limb here, but bipolar is kind of the diagnosis
du jour in some sectors (here in the Pacific NW we like borderline personality
disorder..). Get a second opinion before you decide to do the meds if you don’t
feel good about it. What have you got to lose?

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I did do that. Thanks though!

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Anybody heard from this guy?

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I feel that way a lot at work!

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felt that way a few times! dont ever give up…pick your head up and keep going forward.

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I did once and I left “it.” “It” and I are both better off. It felt like throwing out garbage. lol

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