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How do I get my youth group to start giving offering on steady basis?

Asked by committed (1points) December 10th, 2010

I am a youth leader for a christian youth group (11–18) and none of these kids seem to care about tithing and giving offerings. We have bombarded them with scripture after scripture on why they should but it seems to go over their heads. How can I get them to want to participate?

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It is up to them to participate so you can teach them they should but they can refuse.

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Most kids do not make their own money. Shake-down the parents instead.

You cannot force someone to care or believe.

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You can’t force them to give offerings. They will give offerings when God feels that they should.
Plus they don’t usually make their own money.

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Maybe the “bombarding them” with scripture after scripture is turning them off. When I go by those people standing in front of stores ringing their bells for money, I’ll usually donate a little. If they scream Merry Christmas at me, they don’t get a dime. Try being a little more subtle. And kids usually don’t tithe anyway.

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Offer them some service that is actually useful. Then they might give.

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Why do you need them to give offering?

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@coffeenut, we ask them to give offering because it’s what the bible says we should do and the money that we get from them helps fund activities we want to do.

@psychocandy, we would probably shake down the parents but even the parents are not very good at tithing and giving offerings.

@wundayatta, we have tried getting them involved in competitions against each other, like if boys make so much money in offerings in a month then they get something, if girls make so much money in a month they get something but it doesn’t motivate them.

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Then the church/you are doing something wrong.

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You shouldn’t be doing competitions for the kids to be giving offerings. That is not what giving an offering is about. They should be giving offerings when god tells them to. You can’t force them to do it nor should you. I think that that is pretty much going against what the bible even says. And im sure that the kids are sick of you “bombarding” them and trying to make them do it.

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Kids have time, not money. If you want to instil ‘giving’ as a value, show them that their time has worth. Unless, of course, your church’s only purpose is to increase profits, and not prophets.

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True story: I was at Walmart parking lot and a man came up to me and asked if his youth group could wash my car for free. I said “sure”. He said he was teaching them that they could and should do something for others and not expect anything in return, for me to not give them any money. They washed my car and seemed to be having a great time.

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If you haven’t noticed, a lot of people are out of work. Most children don’t have any of their own money. Probably a lot of their parents don’t either. Don’t force or expect them to tithe. If your church needs money, then hold a bakesale. If there is a service that needs to be done, such as feeding dinner to the poor, enlist their help. Kids have a lot of time and energy, but not money.

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