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What is your talent?

Asked by annaott22 (516points) April 7th, 2008

I’m a make up artist I can do anything from glamor to horror I always have so many ideas and want to practice all the time so I can build my portfolio. I’m freakin awesome at it too! So whats yours?

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i’m a really good singer. and i’m good at teaching people how to sing too.

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I can recite pitch -perfect the entire “Night Hawks at the Diner” live album by Tom Waits, so I guess you could say my talent is being really reallly sad.

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@unacornea I’m a good singer when I’m in the car with the music up so loud that I can’t hear myself! lol Where are you I need lessons!

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I wouldn’t say I have a particular talent in the sense that the people above me have, but my talent is that I’m able to pick up and learnt things quickly, so if I want to start a new project and it requires me to learn to write in some code I don’t know or analyse something in a new discipline or whatever, I’m quick to adapt and learn so I can produce the appropriate results relatively quickly.

I’m also able to grasp languages fairly well, which probably comes from having read constantly since I was about 3.

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I can tell the difference between butter and ‘i cant believe its not butter’

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I can put dead people back together.

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I play the flute. I am also a pretty good artist.

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heck yeah! @ Delirium!

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Listening to people.

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I can program, I suppose.

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I’m awesome.

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I’m very fond of writing, and people tell me I’m pretty good at it. I’m currently writing a fantasy novel which I hope to get published in coming years. I also sing with a advanced choral group, and travel a fair amount because of it.

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as bluemukaki said i dont really have any perticular talent except for the fact that im a fast learner so i pick up on things pretty quickly. Id rather take this than any one talent anyway.

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heh, just read my name ;) I also play basketball, I enjoy running and working out, computers and video games, and tv :D

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hey annaott22 i’m in san francisco. let me know if you want lessons! :)

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I am involved in gymnastics. & I love it!!

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