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What are some good statistics to sum up a year?

Asked by bluemukaki (4327points) December 10th, 2010

I know what you’re thinking: five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes. But no, this isn’t a question about RENT.

I’m making a series of infographics to sum up my year, because I am just that cool.

So far I have a summary of all the emails sent/received (including where the most spam originated from and keywords), which countries I spent the most time in, air and train and bus travel in kilometers (and their carbon emissions), most commonly used words on my Facebook page, Google search data, my data, data from my public transit chipcard, how many jobs I had and when (next to the bus data so you can see what days I worked!), most common colours in my photographs taken this year.

What else can you summarise in an infographic about your year?

What other data is available in our lives that we can mine?

And the bonus metaphysical: are we only a series of numbers and calculations; can your life accurately be displayed with charts and bar graphs? Are you a robot?

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Number of rolls of toilet paper used
Amount of printer cartridges used
Number of miles walked

No, I am more than my statistics, as are you.

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Number of hours on the internet!
Number of PM’s!
Number of hours of sleep or lack of!

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Number of songs listened to.
Number of tears.
Number of laughs.
Number of added friends.
Number of lost friends.
Number of trees fallen.
Number of door handles touched.
Number of random comments.
Number of total flip outs.
I could do this for hours but I don’t want to.
Number of times you don’t want to do something.

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I should clarify @daytonamisticrip those are good suggestions but for the interests of my sanity they need to be relatively simple data to mine – trying to determine how many door handles I touched this year could be pretty time-consuming!

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Number of broken dishes.
Number of completely disgusting dinners.
Number of cell phones dropped in water.
Number of ubber time consuming tasks.
Number of sanity flips. ;)
Number of times you lost your keys.
Number of times you cut your hair.
Number of ” your the 999,999 visitor you win….” pop ups.
Number of unknown visitors.
Number of drinks of plates of food spilled on the carpet.
Number of pesky bees finding their way inside.
Number of “AW SCREW THIS” moments.

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Number of publication read – maybe broken down by periodicals vs non-periodicals
Number of medical provider visits
Number of medications taken – maybe broken down by regular daily pills vs other medications

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