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What is your definition of fair?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Clarification: NOT fair in complexion.

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Well it’s not fair that….. I have a brother and a sister and none of us get along and I’m always the easy going I will help you with anything kind of person and they always stab me in the back.

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Sorry, are you looking for a dictionary definition or for opinion?

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@anna: Sounds pretty unfair to me. :)

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When I was first teaching pre-school, another teaching kept telling a slide hog that it just wasn’t fair to the other kids. The kid would answer: “I know” and get keep right on dominating the smaller children for use of the slide. Finally, the teacher pulled the girl inside and had a talk with her and asked her why she continued to do that if it wasn’t fair, didn’t she know what fair was? The kid’s answer: “yes, a fair is when you have rides and clowns and stuff”. So I guess the definition of fair is age related!

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Most of the time,“fair” has to do with what a person deserves. What may be fair for one person may not be for another.

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A friend of mine says, “If life were fair, we’d all be living in Darfur and eating garbage.”

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I believe were it not for the bad things in life, I wouldn’t appreciate the good!
Growing up, I was very blessed, there was nothing I could not have, if I worked hard enough, BUT… As I grew older and I hope wiser, I noticed all I took for granted. Then one day I lost everything… Let me tell you, I sure didn’t think that was fair. And that brings me back to the beginning. Were it not for the bad. I wouldn’t appreciate the good!!!

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