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Describe your cloak and dagger?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3374points) December 10th, 2010

When I was in high school, my best friend always used to ask me what I imagined when I heard the phrase “cloak and dagger”. Oftentimes, I would imagine a cloak that was midnight blue and made of silk and very billow-y, while the dagger was something fairly simple-and sort of like a bowie knife.
So, what do you imagine your cloak and dagger looking like?
I ask this out of curiousity, since before this friend I’d never really pictured the phrase before and I wanted to know if other people had spent a lot of time thinking about this.

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Here is my cloak and here is my dagger.

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A dark cloak, like the one Zorro wears. You can swirl it around in front and cover your face, if necessary. The dagger? That’s less clear. Ah, now it comes into focus. It is short, in a sheath that is decorated with various runes and designs. It is both utilitarian and artistic. It has been handed down from one generation to the next. The steel of the blade was made in the far east by monks from an arcane Buddhist sect devoted to blade making. The blade can not be broken by any other blade in existence. Oddly, though, the blade has never tasted blood.

[edit] Both are currently ensconced in an ancient leather trunk that has been moldering in my attic for half a century. I can not remember the last time I went to look at them. Perhaps I should go again?

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That’s an interesting question, because I’ve never really thought about it, and yet have an answer, too. Maybe we all do have our own cloak and dagger and your friend was on to something…

My cloak is pretty simple in that it’s black. It’s a soft, heavy, warm material, but it’s thin. Not bulky. It’s got a hood, but the way I see it, the hood is off the head. It’s not billow-y like yours, quite. I mean, it’s not being blown by any wind. But it is constantly moving, in a liquid sort of way. It’s got an elegant clasp in the front by the breast bone, that I can’t tell if is silver or golden. I think it’s something in between. If you were to get close enough, you’d be able to see in another shade of black an intricate pattern covering its entirety, strangely pretty. From afar, though, it’s a plain black cloak.

The dagger’s handle is black, too. A semi-matte, somewhat glossy, black metal. It would feel cold if it were exposed for too long, but as it’s always in hand beneath the cloak, it’s warm. The blade is simple, double-edged, a glossy silver that reflects the colors of the world. Very clean. It’s held upright, ready for use; hidden behind the curtain of black but poised to strike.

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I picture Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy .

(Not Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy .)
——(It says: “By Prohias”)——

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This is my cloak. This is my dagger.

I was never one for subtlety.

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Cloak and Dagger

and totally unrelated, I found this bitchin picture while googlin for daggers lol

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the cloak I made is something like this one and this is my daggar.

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Cloak = big scary black dude
Dagger = bountiful athletic blonde

Gotta love Marvel Comics

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I’m reminded of back when I read the Belgariad, and some dude with a dark green cloak and a dagger wanted to assassinate a king in the night. So there you have it.

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