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Does any one else have a Bank Robbery Plan/Fantasy?

Asked by skeh0138 (111points) April 7th, 2008

I’m talking high stakes -ala Heat

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The idea of an art heist sounds sexier

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Let me rephrase the question to include ANY kind Heist.
Heist is such a great word.

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All the time! LOL Just remember you have no idea who I am when you see my face on Americas Most Wanted!

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It hasn’t really taken much form yet, but it would have to include the various things:

1. lots of trickery and deceit- a fake mustache here or there, multiple passports
2. an entry made through either the ceiling or floor
3. some rare artifact or handicraft being lifted
4. at least one wall scaled would be good

I was just reminded of Bottle Rocket and started laughing

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’“I was just reminded of Bottle Rocket and started laughing”
Quick Capsule review: I liked this movie alot- the first time I saw it -when it was called “The Great Muppet Caper” try thinking of something original next time Wes Andersen.

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I’d do it smoothly. Banks or casinos, suits, and buckets upon buckets of cons would be involved.

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The seed was planted long ago. Many moons ago my fifth grade math teacher, Mr. Johnson, sat down on his desk and gave our class the following advice:

”... boys and girls, if you’re ever going to commit a crime, make sure it’s a federal crime. What I mean is, don’t go snatching somebody’s purse or stick up the 7–11. Go for the bank, or the post office… If you’re going to land in jail, you’ll be much better off in a federal prison than in a local jail.”

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I have DOZENS of plans! Holy Shnikes, I’m glad this question was asked. Now, I know I’m not alone. I’ve carefully studied damn near every heist/caper film ever made, and I’ve devised schemes to hit nearly every major financial institution/art gallery in the world…. THE WORLD!
The hitch is deciding if you want to do it smoothly, a’ la The Thomas Crown Affair, or Ocean’s 11—or if you want to go in hard, like Reservoir Dogs and The “Alphabet Gang” in Beverly Hills Cop 2.
My twin masterstokes of genius came in Jr. high when I took pen to paper during an Algebra class and had one plot that involved: a shipment of Kuwaiti gold, forcibly crash landing a 747 in the Atlantic, and a team of waiting accomplices in dive gear.
The other scheme involved lifting a U.S. Treasury train car full of $250M worth of decomissioned $100 bills off the tracks with a pair of HH-3E cargo helicopters purchased on the Russian black market, in which a heist crew would repel from the choppers and secure the tow lines to the corners of the train car.

….But now you all know too much.

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Good luck decommissioned bills idea GD:

Each CN boxcar is 58 feet long, 17 feet high, and 10 feet, 8 inches wide. Empty weight is 73,600 pounds. Fully loaded, each car weighs 286,000 pounds. (Wiki)

The HH-3E has a 5,000 pound lift capacity. Looks like you may 50 or so helicopters. Other then that….looks good!

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Fine, naysayers! I was 13! Stupid, crappy non-GI Joe helicopters. Those things could hoist a building.

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i wish u luck! :P

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