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What are people's thoughts on Asexual tendencies?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) December 10th, 2010

As stated, what do people feel or believe would cause someone to become asexual?

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Sexual abuse, trauma, PTSD, clinical depression—among others. Dopaminergic dysfunction.

This can also extend to social anxiety and simply never having the experience or being guilted out of it.

But some people make a conscious choice. I’ve debated going asexual for a while. So I can focus on creativity and reduce the noise incurred in that period by desires etc. Monk-ish practice.

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And some people are just naturally that way for a while. I think EmpressPixie used to say she was asexual. There are probably a number of threads about that around here. Here’s one. She was cured, like Snow White, by a kiss from her Prince.

I think it’s something a lot of people go through. Are you worried about it?

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@wundayatta Worried? I’m a virgin, I kinda didn’t have a choice.

Was never really a good looking fellow, but I’ve never even cared or even thought about it (It, being relationships or sex). Pretty much been all of the above that phoebusq stated, but I was more inline to thinking that going through tough times would make you CRAVE more attention.

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People respond to tough times in different ways. Some might crave attention afterwards and direct their energies outward, seeking things out; others might pull into themselves even more because they are frightened of being vulnerable or disappointed. Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem can kill the libido dead for some people; other people, it puts them in a manic kind of state, hyping up their libido. Different strokes for different folks…

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It’s a sexuality just like any other and it certainly doesn’t have to be trauma related. Some people simply never feel they have any sexual desire or the need for sex. They’re able to be in romantic relationships and express themselves differently.

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I believe it can be a self safety/protection/healing reaction for a lot of people. I’ve been through it to where I wondered what happened, where’d my sex drive go, what does it mean? My libido returned though when I passed through a time of insecurity, fear, anger and pessimism.

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